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I saw the Royal Guards trying their best to defend Canterlot against the changelings.

"We have to get to Princess Celestia", berkata Twilight.

The hot air balloon landed sejak the istana, castle and so did RD and I. We all ran inside the castle. We saw Princess Celestia in the gross, green, sticky, goo on the ceiling.

"Princess", exclaimed Twilight.

"I'm fine, just stop her!"

"It's too late", berkata Queen Chrysalis as she entered the room. "My changeling minions have already took the form of almost every kuda, kuda kecil in Canterlot and Ponyville. And soon, all of Equestria!" She laughed an evil laugh.

"Not if we can help it" I berkata and charged at her. A bunch of changelings disguised as the Royal Guards surrounded QC, facing us.

"Nuh-uh, we can't have that." Her horn started to glow and green api, kebakaran surrounded us. I jumped out of the bulatan of api, kebakaran just before my Friends disappeared.

"Where did anda send them to?"

"The caves beneath Canterlot."

"They'll get out. And when they do, we'll stop you!"

"Yeah, but now it's just anda and I, Fluttershy."

I glared at her as she laughed evilly.

"So, what are anda gonna do? Beg me to death?"

"No." I sang a little tune.

"Sing? Really? I some how expected lebih from you, Fluttershy." Her horn started to glow.

"I'm calling my animal friends!" Just then a bunch of my Haiwan burst into the room and jumped on QC.
"It was the greatest sight ever."
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