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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con went back to P's chinese HQ to find out where Hattan Scaramanga's island was.

P: We are not sure, but we see her leave Hong Kong sejak boat.
Con: Well this time, she left sejak car.
P: What? Tell me how, before I start cursing in german!
Con: It was flying.
S: How do anda get a car to fly?
Con: anda put airplane equipment on it, a jet engine, some wings, and anda got yourself a flying car.
S: That's cool. Even better then what I'm trying to do with a motorcycle
P: Shut up S. Con, I want anda to follow Hattan, once she gets back in Hong Kong.
Con: I'm on my way.

Con followed Hattan, and found her island.

Sneak Peak: Ms. Scaramanga? We have a visitor.
Hattan: It must be Con. Get me Miss. Goodnight.
Sneak Peak: Right away.
Hattan: Mr. Mane. What a surprise, how are you?
Con: I'm good. What are anda up to on this fine day?
Hattan: Taking care of business as usual.
Con: What kind of business?
Hattan: I have found a way to stop the energy crisis.
Con: What energy crisis?
Hattan: China, Vietnam, and even part of Eropah have problems with using energy. I have solved a problem to help them.
Con: Really? Last time I checked their energy was fine with no problems.
Hattan: Well some ponies that have made their energy like that have died.
Con: Yeah, I wonder why.
Hattan: I've found a way to create energy without using anything, other then what's in the sky.
Con: What do anda mean?
Hattan: Follow me, and you'll soon find out.

The two ponies walked into Hattan's place

Sneak Peak: I got the mare anda asked for.
Hattan: Excelent.
Berry: What is this? Are anda paying her to kill me?
Con: Oh my god, NO!
Hattan: So this is your partner.
Berry: I didn't want to be partners with him
Con: Well sorry for coming here to save your ass.
Hattan: That depends on one thing however.
Con: What's that?
Sneak Peak: A duel.
Hattan: My golden gun against your Nambu pistol.
Con: Very well. Let's duel.

All three of them went outside. Berry was inside locked in a room

Sneak Peak: Alright anda two. I want this to be a fair game. Are anda ready Hattan?
Hattan: Ready *holds up gun*
Sneak Peak: Are anda ready Mr. Mane?
Con: Ready *holds up gun*
Sneak Peak: Alright. Each of anda take 20 paces.

And so they did, but what Con didn't know was that this will be continued, and you'll find out what he didn't know.
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posted by StarWarsFan7
"B-But D-Doctor, why?" Derpy Hooves says, sparkling blue tears coming out of her eyes slowly. She stares at her partner, Doctor Whooves, who has now been overcome sejak the power of Discord. His once berangan, coklat tua kot and koko mane, now a pale gray and fading brown.

"I told anda already!" The Doctor says, his voice rising with unnecessary anger towards the ditzy pegasus. "I don't need you! Bloody hell, having anda as an assistant was the stupidest choice I've ever made!"

Tears stream down Derpy's face, she licks her lips, the saltiness of her tears reaching her tongue.

"This can't be. Doctor... I..."...
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posted by DisneyFan333
Hello Everypony! :D Today I want to talk about Twilight becoming an Anicorn. I feel that this subject should be talked about someplace else besides the MLP FIM wall.

For the past year, rumors have spread about Twilight becoming an Alicorn. Now it has been proved to be true. Don't believe me? Here is all the proof anda need.

The first foto was found on Someone's Facebook account and the saat one was found on the entertainment weekly website. Both, I believe, where realised sejak the hub but I could be wrong.

The was also somepony that berkata that Tara Strong (Sorry if I got it wrong) will not be...
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