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posted by Seanthehedgehog
One night, at a diner.

Waitress: A little late for you?
Ringo: No ma'am. We just Lost a friend.
Buddy: *looking over notes*
Ringo: He was a cop, and was working hard to stop beras Limbo's mafia.
Waitress: beras Limbo?
Buddy: *sees picture*
Waitress: You're the Seven Up's!
Buddy: *bangs counter*
Click-Clack: *sees Buddy* Are anda ok?
Waitress: What's the matter?
Buddy: *Walks away*

Buddy was going to a subway station. As a subway left, Buddy saw Vito.

Buddy: Hey, how ya doing?
Vito: Good, and you?
Buddy: Fine.
Vito: I heard Sigmund got killed.
Buddy: Where did anda hear that?
Vito: The newspaper.
Buddy: What newspaper?!
Vito: This one *shows Buddy headline*
Buddy: Oh. Sorry.
Vito: What are anda going to do now?
Buddy: I don't know. I'll think of something.
Vito: Like what?
Buddy: A trap.

seterusnya morning.

Buddy: Taxi?!
Taxi driver: *Stops*
Buddy: Get me to this abandoned house sejak the train tracks.
Taxi driver: *drives*
Rice: *follows*

The taxi arrived at the house. What the hell does Buddy have planned?

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