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posted by Seanthehedgehog
One night, at a diner.

Waitress: A little late for you?
Ringo: No ma'am. We just Lost a friend.
Buddy: *looking over notes*
Ringo: He was a cop, and was working hard to stop beras Limbo's mafia.
Waitress: beras Limbo?
Buddy: *sees picture*
Waitress: You're the Seven Up's!
Buddy: *bangs counter*
Click-Clack: *sees Buddy* Are anda ok?
Waitress: What's the matter?
Buddy: *Walks away*

Buddy was going to a subway station. As a subway left, Buddy saw Vito.

Buddy: Hey, how ya doing?
Vito: Good, and you?
Buddy: Fine.
Vito: I heard Sigmund got killed.
Buddy: Where did anda hear that?
Vito: The newspaper.
Buddy: What newspaper?!
Vito: This one *shows Buddy headline*
Buddy: Oh. Sorry.
Vito: What are anda going to do now?
Buddy: I don't know. I'll think of something.
Vito: Like what?
Buddy: A trap.

seterusnya morning.

Buddy: Taxi?!
Taxi driver: *Stops*
Buddy: Get me to this abandoned house sejak the train tracks.
Taxi driver: *drives*
Rice: *follows*

The taxi arrived at the house. What the hell does Buddy have planned?

2 B continued
posted by Mylittlecute12
once pinkie pie was running out of special stuff to finish her cupcakes.and then she asked pelangi, rainbow dash to eat a cupcake, kek cawan and what was in it was poison pelangi, rainbow ate the cupcake, kek cawan and fell down on the floor pinkie grabbed her and took her she tied her down.rainbow woke up she was shocked cause she could not alih her body then pinkie came with evil smile then she got a pisau and sliced her cutie mark off then she chopped her wings burned her legs and took her brain she made Kek Cawan out of brain jus blood and her cutie mark pelangi, rainbow was dead and she offered her Kek Cawan to her other Friends they didn't know.

applebloom: hehehe silver time to die!!!!!!!! cuts her body in half the end!
posted by shadirby
I woke up and walked downstairs as if it were any normal Saturday. I did what was needed, but something...Something wasn't right. No. New. Ponies.
I've only just started liking them last summer so it was quite hard to realize there would be no new episodes for such a long period of time.
I know it's only the first week and that I shouldn't worry because there's so many active members in this great, big community.
But I still hate the fact that I every single week on a Saturday that I can't watch the amazing tunjuk and be filled up with sunshine as I see Pinkie jumping off the walls and see whatever amazing plot the episode this week has to offer.
So please don't be mad in the comments. I'm just...Sad right now.
Now excuse me...I'm going to go listen to Smile about a thousand times to make me happy again.
The seterusnya day, I was feeling much better. I still couldn't fly because of my wing, though. So I just stayed in my house and played with Angel. "I wish my wing would heal already, Angel."

"I think I could help." Twilight Sparkle came in.

I turned to face her. "What do anda mean?"

"I know a spell that could heal your wing."

"Really? Do it! Do it, please!"

"Okay, okay." Twilight closed her eyes and her horn started to glow.

I saw my left wing glow, too. "It's working!" I started flapping my wings together. "Thank you, Twilight!"

"You're wel-"

I flew out of my house at lightning speed. "Must. Find....
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I woke up in my house, in my bed. I saw Angel happy to see I was awake. pelangi, rainbow and the other ponies was there, too. "What are anda guys doing in my house?"

"Rainbow followed anda to the Everfree forest", berkata Twilight.

"And I saw anda get struck sejak lightning", berkata Rainbow. "I was terrified." So after I flew back to Twilight's and got everypony together, we went back to the Everfree forest to bring anda home."

"We we're awful worried 'bout you, sugar cube."

"Yeah", berkata Rarity.

"Thanks girls. I'm so sorry I should've listened", I said.

"It's okay", they all said.

I smlied. I then noticed that my left wing was hurt a lot. "Did my wing get shocked my lightning?"

"Yep", berkata Rainbow.

"I think it's time for a 'Get Well' party", exclaimed Pinkie Pie.

"I agree" berkata Twilight.
"And it was the best party ever."
First off, THANKS to StarWarsFan7 for the idea of doing these. anda should REALLY check out her original which is in this club...Here we go!

5) Fleur De Lis
Okay, so she's pretty awesome! I mean her Rekaan is so cool and the way she is portrayed in my mind just is kinda interesting to me.

4) Fluttershy
How adorable? I can really relate to how shy she is and how she's trying to overcome it.

3) Pinkie Pie
She's the most happy most sweet thing ever. And she's always, always made me smile. No matter what mood I'm in.

2) Rarity
Elegant, artsy, and creative she just is so fun to watch and...
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posted by AquoMoon
One great hari in Canterlot Palace there was two princes, Aquo Moon and Cyclone wind.,"Hey Cyclone what are going to do later," asked Aquo,"I will have to Cloudstale." explained Cyclone as he got his stuff ready,"Hey can I come?" asked Aquo shyly,"Huh yeah sure all I will do is buy a cake," as Cyclone laughed,"Ok thanks I got to visit pelangi, rainbow Dash." berkata Aquo as Cyclone flew to Cloudstale and for Aquo he just teleported to Cloudstale. As Cyclone came to his Wonderbolts practice (Cyclone is in the Wonderbolts) he went to the locker rooms to change to his Wonderbolts costume. As Aquo was walking...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Today, I'll be reviewing the nineteenth episode of season two in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In my opinion, I didn't like Putting Your Hoof Down at all. I know Fluttershy was just being assertive but she took assertiveness to a whole new level. And that's not good. Everypony was treating her like an invisible atau baby pony. They thought Fluttershy was a kuda, kuda kecil that they could trick easily. I'm glad she stood up to most of them but like Pinkie Pie and Rarity, some didn't deserve it.

I know I'm being a bit harsh but Putting Your Hoof is the worst episode that My Little kuda, kuda kecil atau Hasbro has come up with, to me.

I expected lebih in a Fluttershy episode especially because she is my third kegemaran kuda, kuda kecil out of the Mane Six. I felt like they spoiled this episode sejak making Flutterbitch return again.

In other words, terrible episode, not a very good plot but the humor was perfect.
posted by Katie_Kat200
First chapter... of a lot XD. This is act 1... the cave times, when things were simpler and ponies had to hunt for the Makanan (no they weren't meat eaters.... really...) This is actually a peminat fiction based on events that happened through world history and the ponies being placed in them. So its like History peminat Fiction atau something. I don't know... So enjoy this first chapter :3

Twilight Sparkle peeked out of her perpustakaan cave into the sunshine. It was morning and she had been buried in her blanket all night after a cold night. She looked around. Just another hari in Ponyville… 7000 BCE.

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added by Seanthehedgehog
Go Fluttershy! anda can do it :D
my little kuda, kuda kecil
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
posted by Seanthehedgehog
The train Whirl Wind was getting on was heading into Grand Central. I had to be on a train going to Albany.

Lady: Master Sword, hurry up!
Master Sword: I'm getting on. *Gets on*
Lady: *Drives train*
Bartholomew: If Master Sword likes the new worker, I could help him ask her out on a date.
Henrietta: *Walks up to Bartholomew* I believe we haven't met before.
Bartholomew: The CEO of this line told me about you. They showed me your picture, but they didn't tell me your name.
Henrietta: It's Henrietta.
Bartholomew: And you're my boss?
Henrietta: Yes.
Bartholomew: I didn't think mares could be the boss...
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posted by Windwakerguy430
There are many creepy things involving MLP (I've mentioned a few and I''ll obviously mention lebih in the future). But there was actually someone who made a game of this. I'm talking about Luna Game. This was the game that frightened many bronies, with those creepy pictures... But heres the thing about those pictures. Thats... it. That is really the only scary thing in every single game. I don't see why so many people are scared of them (Then again, your looking at the same guy who thinks that Jeff the Killer looks like a white Michael Jackson after he got a skin change operation from a noob...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme song:

Seanthehedgehog Presents



Bartholomew Perfect the 55th from Seanthehedgehog

Lady from CrazyWriterLady

Master Sword from Windwakerguy430

Skywalker from Alinah09

Whirl Wind from DragonAura15

Ten Cents, and Henrietta from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 2

Master Sword's perspective

July 1, 1953

Master Sword is narrating.

I joined the Neigh York Central two weeks ago. Then, a few days later, another new worker joins us. He's fifty one years old, and wears a monocle. He seems like a nice pony, but I don't think he should be driving a train,...
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Episonage with an eclair
my little kuda, kuda kecil
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Gordon, and Coffee Creme arrived at Cheyenne with a freight train. They saw the Sherman, but didn't know why it was there.

Gordon: *Thinks of a plan* It's here. Finally.
Coffee Creme: What is?
Gordon: My tank. I ordered it from a shipping company, and they delivered it to me at last.
Coffee Creme: anda must be very rich if anda can afford a tank.
Gordon: Right. *Stops train near entrance of train yard* We just have to back this up, and get the train into the yard.
Red Rose: *Switches track*
Gordon: *driving backwards into yard*
Coffee Creme: Stop so that the-
Gordon: Caboose is near the switch track....
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added by izfankirby
Credit: MangoKiwi ; Nightmare Moon must be stopped (twice).
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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