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posted by Seanthehedgehog
pelangi, rainbow Dash, and Zecora arrived at Canterlot. They were surprised to see Pinkie Pie, and Applejack.

pelangi, rainbow Dash: I thought anda two got killed.
Pinkie Pie: Nein. We ran away as soon as we saw Celestia die.
Applejack: *Sees Zecora* Zecora, so glad to see you. Have anda two brought the other ponies back to life before coming here?
pelangi, rainbow Dash: Oh, damnit I forgot!
Zecora: That's alright. I will teleport there with another potion, and bring your Friends back to life.
Applejack: Will anda get back in time?
Zecora: I should be able to. I have a lot of the teleportation potion.
pelangi, rainbow Dash: Good. Thank anda so much Zecora.
Applejack: Yeah. pelangi, rainbow Dash is retarded.
pelangi, rainbow Dash: Shut the fuck up Applejack.
Zecora: *teleports to Ponyville*
Pinkie Pie: What do we do while we wait for Zecora?
Applejack: We wait.

Speaking of waiting, let's see what we have to go through, just to get airplanes ready for bombing a town.

Robotnik: Hurry up.
Nazis: *Loading bombs on airplane*
Robotnik: I swear, these Nazis take too long to prepare an attack.
Sean: Allow me Robotnik. *Carrying two bombs*
Shadow: What are anda doing?
Sean: *Loads bombs into airplane*
Shadow: If he can do that, so can I. *Carrying two bombs* Whoa, they're heavier then I thought, *about to fall over*
Sean: *Grabs both bombs* Why don't anda leave it to me?
Shadow: *Embarrassed* Right.
Sean: *Loads bombs onto airplane*
Robotnik: Wunderbar. You're so efficient Sean. I'm glad anda are discorded, and part of our army.
Sean: I'm glad to be discorded. *carrying two lebih bombs* Twilight, see if anda can use your magic to get the rest of the bombs.
Twilight: anda got it man. *Uses magic to carry bombs*
Sean: *Loads bomb into airplane* Good, now put all of them into that airplane over there. *Points to airplane seterusnya to the one he is in*
Twilight: *Putting bombs in airplane that Sean is pointing too*
Sean: Excellent.
Robotnik: A good kommandant as well.
Sean: Danke. Are we ready to bomb Manehattan?
Robotnik: Ja. There are four airplanes, get in whichever one anda want.

So we each got in an airplane, and prepared for takeoff.

Applejack: *Laying in grass*
Pinkie Pie: hei Applejack. Have anda ever had an epal, apple in caramel?
Applejack: No. Have anda Rainbow?
pelangi, rainbow Dash: Nope. I'll bet Pinkie Pie has though.
Pinkie Pie: Ja. They're delicious. When we're done battling, I'll make one of those for you.
Applejack: I appreciate that Pinkie.
pelangi, rainbow Dash: Yeah, thanks.

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