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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 tajuk Screen
Title Screen
Con Mane is back, but he's not the only one to make a return.

This story begins in Bangkok, China at a restaurant/bath house. Con was dressed in a white suit with a black bowtie. He was meeting up with three generals from the Chinese Army in the restaurant which was a floor above the bath house. The Generals were also dressed up in white suits, but their bowties were grey.

Con: *Sits down*
Chinese General 1: Hello 0007.
Con: Nín hǎo.
Chinese General 1: I didn't know anda spoke my language Mr. Mane.
Con: Yes, well when it comes to ripping off Indiana Jones movies, I guess one has to be good at everything.
Chinese General 2: I don't see how this rips off Indiana Jones.
Con: An Equestrian meeting up with chinese.
Chinese General 3: That makes sense.
Chinese General 1: Why are we here Mr. Mane?
Con: I think anda know, just as well as I do. ISIS.
Chinese General 1: That new terrorist organization?
Con: That's right. Not only have they been executing journalists from Equestria, and England, but they also plan to come after anda when they take all the eastern regions of the Middle East. The United States would like to form an alliance with anda against ISIS.
Chinese General 3: No thank you.
Chinese General 2: We will deal with them ourselves.
Con: Everypony in that group is dangerous. It'll be impossible to take them down sejak yourself.
Chinese General 1: We are part of the Chinese Army. We can deal with anything. Now please leave us.
Con: Can't anda understand we're trying to help?
Chinese General: *Grabs gun* Leave us, atau die!
Con: *Flips meja, jadual onto generals, and runs away*


Chinese General: *Hits button*

An alarm went off, and Chinese soldiers grabbed guns, and started running up towards the restaurant.

Con: *About to run downstairs, but sees the Chinese Soldiers* Well, so much for my escape. *Runs toward a window*
Chinese Soldier 4395: Shoot him. *Shooting bullets at Con*
Con: *Hiding behind table, and shoots two soldiers*
Chinese Soldier 87: *Throws grenade*
Con: *Crawling towards a small dinding with a gong*

The explosion did not hurt anypony.

Con: *Gets up, shoots three lebih soldiers, then hides behind gong*
Chinese Solder 754: *Shooting at Con, but his bullets hit the middle of the gong*
Con: *Holds pistol out in open, and shoots a chinese soldier in the neck*
Chinese Soldier 66: *Shooting gong*
Chinese Soldier 6839: Hold your fire!
Chinese Soldier 66: No! Shoot the gong until it falls!

So that's what the chinese soldiers were doing.

Con: *Shoots window*
Chinese Soldiers: *Continue shooting the gong*
Chinese Soldier 48: Cease fire! *Slowly walks towards the gong* He's gone!

Stop the song. Con jumped out of the window he shot with a parachute, and landed safely on an isolated street.

P: *Calling Con on his wristwatch* Come in 0007.
Con: I'm here sir.
P: Have the Chinese decided to form an alliance with us?
Con: Negative. They threatened to kill me, so I left.
P: That's not good, but I have important news.
Con: Shoot.
P: Do anda remember Pinkie Pie?
Con: Yes.
P: She was your boss before I was, but she faked her death, and allowed me to take over. Now it's a possibility she might come back.
Con: Excellent. Where is she?
P: So far, all I know is that she's in the human world.
Con: What is she doing there?

Theme song:

In the human world, Blackgryph0n was watching a video where Pinkie Pie was with the rest of the mane 6.

Blackgryph0n: Pfft, Pinkie. If you're real, I'm giggling at ghosts too.
Pinkie Pie: *Pops out of computer screen* Hi.
Blackgryph0n: AH!! *Falls off chair* AH!!

Pinkie Pie, breaking the 4th dinding since 2010.

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Con Mane story

The Return Of Pinkie


Doughnut Joe as Con Mane
Parcival as P
Pinkie Pie as herself
Lyra as Miss Moneybit
Spike as S
Fenix Lighter as himself
Germans as good ponies
Alicorns as bad ponies
Twilight Sparkle as Ice Cube
Princess Cadence as Jessica
Max as Vito Denille
Mary Sue as herself
Sunny Rays as Sally
pelangi, rainbow Dash as Rain Bouvier

Skip the song to 3:43

Cars used for fanfiction

Alfa Romaneo as Alfa Romeo
Chevronet as Chevrolet
Coltillac as Cadillac
Dodge as itself
Fillys as Willys
Flam as Ford
Flim as Buick
Foallari as Ferrari
Hoofington as Plymouth
Lamborghini as Lambronyni
Lunastar as Chrysler
Lunicorn as Lincoln
Marecury as Mercury
Meuzda as Mazda
Skyline as Nissan
Vriendscoupe as Volkswagen
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