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#1: The new MLP:
I never even heard of the new MLP at the time.
And when I was convinced into seeing it, sejak all those pictures on Facebook.
I can't say I enjoyed it.. In fact.. It was terrible.
But when I heard of all those so called "bronys" I figured to at give it an honest chance before truly judging it.
And the fact it had John De Lancie, only gave me lebih reasons to keep giving it an honest chance..

I know what anda think.
But no.
Discovering this guy had NOTHING to do with my friendship with Windwakerguy430.
It had to do with looking up Freddy Krueger's villain's page cause it had an link to a video. Witch. As anda probably guessed.
Was the first video I've ever seen sejak AVGN.
I liked his humour so I got addicted to him.
But I still admit. I lebih atau less forgot about him till meeting Windwakerguy430..

My original intentions were to MOCK the show.
But I ended up laughing so so hard.
And kept watching it..

#4: kuda, kuda kecil MOV:
I believe I was Membaca a creepy pasta on FIMfiction.
And someone had a Rawak link to MAGIC MOV.
And my Cinta of Gilardi's voice for Spike lead me into watching it, solely for Spike..

#5: KORN:
I forget how I found them.
But it was differently sejak accident..

Hilarious show.
But I never expected to find it..

Of coarse it was Kek Cawan lead me into finding them..

I forget how it happened..

I was sick in bed, and couldn't change the channel. But this tunjuk actually got GOOD..

#10: FANPOP:
I was bored on Halloween.
Was Membaca an artikel on Fanpop.
And signed into Fanpop as a JOKE..
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 Panty Hose (her full name) gets help from Blazin' in getting a job and buying a house.
Panty Hose (her full name) gets help from Blazin' in getting a job and buying a house.
The seterusnya morning…

Rarity: Panty! Please wake up, dear. Blazin' will be here to pick anda up soon.

Panty: Wha…whoa!! I gotta get going! *races all over the house to get her stuff and put it in her suitcase*

Rarity: Eh….Want some coffee?

Panty: Coffee? Sure! *drinks it from the cup she was telah diberi and suddenly moves faster*

Sweetie: What's going on…HEY! Watch where your'e going!

Panty: *stops* Sorry about that Sweetie. Blazin' will be here any minit now, and I'm freaking out! Rarity, can anda do a quick checklist with me?

Rarity: Sure.

Panty: Toothbrush?

Rarity: Check.

Panty: Toothpaste?

Rarity: Check....
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