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posted by Canada24
Twilight: Those look yummy, Pinkie! Let me help you! But we better cover them up so they don't get spoiled.

Pinkie: Why would they get spoiled? We're all gonna eat them super soon!

Saten: Oh, didn't anybody tell you? Shining Armor and Cadance are held up. They may not arrive 'til Saturday.

Pinkie: Whaaaaaaaaaat?! [hyperventilating] anda mean... [breathes] I have... [breathes] to wait... [breathes] another whole day?! I don't know if I can!

Twilight: Pinkie Pie, do anda have something anda need to say? anda seem like you've been keeping something in.

Pinkie: [inarticulate yell]

Fluttershy: We're here to listen.

Applejack: Well, go on then, sugarcube.

Rarity: We're not going to judge you, darling.

Spike: You'll feel so much better once anda get it off your chest!

Pinkie Pie: [blowing up balloon]

pelangi, rainbow Dash: Come on. [balloon pops]

pelangi, rainbow Dash: Whatever it is, anda can tell us! We're best friends!

[with reverb] Friends! Friends! Friends! Twilight Sparkle: [with reverb] Tell! pelangi, rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle: [with reverb] Tell! Tell! Main cast sans Pinkie Pie: Friends! Friends! Friends! Tell! Tell! Tell!

Pinkie: Okay, okay, anda win! [inhales] Shining Armor and Cadance are gonna have a—

Shining Armor: An awesome weekend with the best little sister in all of Equestria!

Cadance: [giggles] Hi, every pony..

Pinkie Pie: [exhales]

Cadence: (to Saten) What's your name?

Saten: (pervertly) What ever anda WANT it to be.

Cadence: (laughs) Oh sweetie, that isn't gonna work, but keep on trying (pats his head).

Saten: (groans) that's what Starlight Glimmer said.. I never stopped though. I even got her autograph.

Twi: That was a restraining order.

Saten: Yeah.. But she still signed it.. It goes great seterusnya to my restraining order from Lauren Faust.
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An evil Twilight.. I Cinta IT!
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