THE seterusnya MORNING:

Saten and Trixie assumably had sex sense this is a lebih mature seres than the real MLP, though it only shows the aftermath, Trixie's hair messy. Though she looks a little disappointed.

Saten: ... I'm really sorry.

Trixie: No, anda were nervous. It's okay.

Saten: Lot on my mind.

Trixie: There were.. Parts.. I liked.

Saten: ... Good enough for me, I should use the bathroom.. (turns on lamp and sees the critters) AHHH!

Trixie (covers herself that much more): AHHH, WHAT!?

Saten (annoyed): Nothing, just those stupid critters again.

Narrator: His Friends were all there! What a wonderful surprise! The little red kuda, kuda kecil smiled with joy in his eyes!

Saten (annoyed): Guys! Get out! My future wife is naked.. Well, she never wears clothes, but in the context of this scene.. It's bad!

Trixie: ... Future wife.

Saten: Yeah, I see anda being m-

Rabbity: That's a hot girl Saten.

Saten (annoyed): Just get out!

Squirrely: But anda two aren't gonna believe what happened. It's the most magical Krismas gift ever!

Trixie (also annoyed): I agree, just get out.

Skunky: Porcupiney is pregnant!

Saten (annoyed): We don't care!

Mousey: I deduce the ponies don't understand the seriousness of the fertilization.

Deery: Porcupiney is a virgin love-birds. Her conception was immaculate.

Foxy: She's gonna give birth to our Lord and Savior.

Trixie (sighs): Not this crap.

Porcupiney: It has been foretold unto me that I would give birth on Krismas Day.

Mousey: So soon!

Skunky: How delightful!

Woodpeckery: Our souls are saved!

Chickadee-y: Finally the critters are gonna have a Savior of their very own, of their very own! [they all cheer]

Squirrely [hops onto Trixie's bed]: There's just one problem: We don't have a manger for our Savior to be born in.

Saten: (annoyed facepalm)

Critters: Awwww.

Beary: But we got to have a manger.

Rabbity: Can anda do it, guys. Can anda build us a manger? Huh?

Critters: (Cheers)

Narrator: "Of course we will build anda a little manger!" Trixie cried, and she winked at the critters and leapt to their side!

Trixie (does none of that): ... Fine, if your leave us alone.

Saten: They won't, but screw it, we're up now. May as well do something.

Saten and Trixie is such a cute couple.. Even in a South Park retelling..