The critters are still there. Trixie paces anxiously.

Porcupiney [feeling a kick]: Oooo.

Beary: anda all right, Lady Porcupiney?

Porcupiney: Oh yes, just felt a little kick is all.

Beavery: Well, it's been much too long now. Uh I'm afraid our helpful friend Stanny must be very dead.

Fox: Yep, the mountain lion probably swallowed him whole.

Trixie (sarcastically): Way to comfort me.

Rabbity: I guess that means our Savior is gonna be made into Savior stew.

Trixie: Guess that means I gotta kill anda (prepares horn)

Critters: Awwww.

Trixie: Shut up!

Chickadee-y: [flitting straight up into the air] Wait a minute, look! [the Haiwan turn to see Saten approaching them, looking sad]

Trixie: (hugs him excitedly)

The critters gather in front of him.

Mousey: you're alive!

Beary: But, does that mean anda killed the mountain lion?

Saten (quitely): Yeah.. She's dead.

Deery: For real and for true?!

Beavery: Are anda sure?

Saten: I'm sure. It won't be hurting anda anymore.

Squirrely: He did it! Now our Critter Krismas can finally happen! Hail Satan!

Critters: Hail Satan!

Saten: ... anda mean me right?

Beavery: You've done us a huge favor, ponies! Without the mountain lion around, the Lady Porcupiney can give birth to the Antichrist!

Critters: Yaaay!! [they head over to the manger]

Saten: Wai-wait, the Antichrist?? anda berkata she was giving birth to your savior!

Squirrely: Yeah, to the Son of our Lord, Satan, Prince of Darkness.

Saten: But we thought anda meant the Son of God!

Deery: Well, think about it: anda really think God would have sex with a porcupine?

Trixie: Sex wit- WHAT!?

Chickadee-y: No way! Only Satan, Prince of Darkness and King of all Evil would do that! Yay!

Saten: I knew this was a mistake.

Foxy: This just calls for a celebration! Let's sacrifice Rabbity and eat his flesh!

Saten: Wait what!?

Rabbity: Yay! Sacrifice me to the Devil!

The other critters cheer. As Beary pulls up a Satanic altar on a small wagon with a little help from Squirrely. The other Haiwan bring Rabbity up to the altar. Rabbity is propped up on the altar and Beary tears him apart with a sacrificial blade.

Trixie: OH MY GOD!!

The other Haiwan crowd in, tear away pieces of the body, and eat them raw.

Chickadee-y: Drink his blood! Drink his blood!

Saten and Trixie are Frozen in shock.

Squirrely: [jumps into a puddle of blood] Blood orgy!

Critters: Yay, blood orgy! Blood orgy, yay!

The critters drench themselves in Rabbity's blood and begin the orgy. Beavery mounts Raccoony, Skunky mounts Porcupiney, Mousey mounts foxy, and Beary mounts Deery. Squirrely hops onto Deery's left ear and mounts that. Chickadee-y and Woodpeckery start flitting around. In the background is heard "Sting, so true!"

Saten and Trixie stare at them, traumatized.

Narrator: In the gentle forest clearing on Krismas Eve morn, The little forest critters prepared for the Antichrist to be born. The noble mountain lion had stopped evil in all the years past, But now the good protector lay dead as the good owls amassed. And meanwhile, three lion cubs were crying away. For them, there would certainly be no Krismas Day.
And all of this because of the little red pony, for killing a lion.

Saten is shown in his house, with his head buried into his arms at his meja in his room.

Saten: Uhhh.

Narrator: "I know!" Saten Twist berkata with a new happy grin, "I'll go back to the forest and speak with those critters again!"

Saten: [waves the narrator away and leaves his desk]

Narrator: He ran out the living room, turned out the light, and went back to the forest to set everything right!

Saten enters the living room, hops on the sofa, and turns on the TV.

TV: In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground where I spent most of my days.

Narrrator: (aham) And he went back to the forest to set everything right!

Angry look on his face, Saten turns the volume up to drown out the narrator.

Narrator: But his conscience caught up with him and to the forest he did flee...

Saten: (turns it louder)

Narrator: He thought he could hide from his problems - not true! [Saten rolls his eyes] He knew in his hati, tengah-tengah the thing he had to do!

Saten (annoyedly): Leave me alone!!

Narrator: He knew that only sejak going to the forest could he --

Saten: ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT!.. GOD! [He turns off the TV, hops off the sofa and walks out the door, leaving the remote control on the floor.]