Mini one shot story.. Using a scrpt from youtube's DICK FIGURES:

Saten and Sword arrive in Saten's hometown Fillydefia. sejak stagecoach.

Saten: Thanks for the drive Glaze.

Glaze Woodtoaster (driving stagecoach): Sure. (rides off)

Master Sword: Rrraaaagh, camp counselors?! This is gonna be the lamest job ever!

Saten Twist: Look, your the one saying we need a summer job.. Plus the money anda owe me.

Master Sword: I owe anda money?

(Whiteboard says:
Sword owes Saten: $11,271.33

Master Sword: Oh.. Right..

(Time lapse. They arrive at Camp Redwood, from Saten's town Fillydefia)

Saten Twist:: Huh, man, being back at camp is bringing back some good memories.

(Flashback to Camp Redwood during their childhood. Saten is tied to a pokok while an orange kuda, kuda kecil and merah jambu kuda, kuda kecil hit him with sticks.)

Young Saten: (crying) I wanna go home! (Continues crying)

Young Reggie: (laughs) Quit cryin', ya little bitch! (Kicks a football at Saten's face.) HA!

Saten Twist (wide eyed): Good, times.

(Time lapse. Saten holds a clipboard.)

Saten Twist: All right, let's see what on the schedule: Fishing, bird-watching, wood-car- (Sword slaps away the clipboard)

Master Sword: We don't need rules! CAMP ANARCHY!


(Saten teaches his group how to cast a fishing rod line)

(Sword orders a member of his side to use dynamite, and he makes the kid throw a bomb at the lake which kills the fish)

Master Sword: Good job.


(Saten and the kids uses binoculars to bird watch)

(Sword continues teaching the kids to use dynamite, as he makes a boy throw a bomb at the bird.)

(Nighttime in the tent, Saten tucks in a purple filly).

Purple girl: Camp Counselor Saten, you're the best.

Saten: No, your the best! Your all the best!.. Haha, goodnight.

(Indian Muzik plays, Sword and the kids have black war stripes on their faces. He a loaded gun to a merah jambu pony.

Sword: Tonight, anda become a man.

merah jambu Pony: But I'm a girl.

Sword: A MAN!

(The girl whimpers.)

Big foot appears.

Bigfoot: BIGFOOT! (laughs evilly)

(At the same time) Saten: Sasquatch?! Sword: Donkey Kong!

Bigfoot: Ya! Bigfoot yaaaaaa! (Tries to get inside Saten's tent)

Sword: Pfff, I got this (Robotic voice) CAMPERS! ROLL OUT!


(The kids are seen beating Bigfoot, who is tied to a tree. Saten comes in with a bat.)

Saten (looking sympathetic, as he remembered his childhood): I'm so sorry. Huh ahh! (Cries while beating him with a bat) Huh, no! Ugh, I'm sorry!

Master Sword: (happy sighs) Camp is great.