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Yes, it's back.. I promise not to take up so much space.. As I'm one shoting them for now one...


Saten Twist and Master Sword are at a mall, only to get a rude brush-off from the Santa who works there when he leaves for the night. As a result, Sword vows to kill Santa for blowing him off. And knowing Sword, he wasn't joking.

Saten: Man, anda may want to calm down there

Sword: f that beslubbering, onion-eyed maggot-pie thinks he can just blow me off like that, he's got another thing coming..(pulls out Pistol) And it's full of led (points it)

Saten: (slaps it away) Geez louise man!

Sword: anda know what. I'm killing him. You're driving me. Let's go.

Saten: Dri... Driving anda where?

Sword; To the North Pole to see Santa Claus.

Saten: Really? Up to the North Pole? How do anda expect me to get there?

Sword: We drive

Saten: I'm not driving anda to north pole.

Voice: Bar closing

Saten: ... Okay I'll drve you.



Sword: This is it huh?

Saten: Yep. This is it.

Teen: Yo, yo, what's up, y'alls? Y'alls ready to kick it in some fine North Pole gear?!

Sword: ... Saten. Does the North Pole usually having teenagers.

Saten: Yeah, sure.

Sword: Hmm... Let me ask something else.. (pins him on dinding pointing the gun) anda THINK I'M AN IDIOT!?

Saten: I..

Sword: anda can't jerk me around when it comes to Santa Claus, dude! There is a Ferris wheel here, and a guy hosing vomit! Nobody vomits at the North Pole! Except for Santa's wife because she has an eating disorder!

Saten: What?

Sword: Yeah, 'cause he can have anyone he wants, and she knows that!

Saten: Okay Sword, there's something I should probably tell you.

Sword: Fine (lowers gun)

Saten: I hate to tell anda this Sword, but there really is no Santa.

Sword: ... (chuckles) That's funny.. I thought anda berkata Santa wasn't real.. What's next, hmm? . Um, who else isn't real? Hmm? Y...You gonna tell me SpongeBob? Is he not real? Huh? Is SpongeBob not there at the bottom of the ocean giving Squidward the business? Hmm? atau what about Curious George? Huh? Does he not really exist? Hmm? Is Curious George not out there makin' little boats out of newspapers that he should be delivering? Huh? Educate yourself, anda fool!

Saten: Guess we'll have to do this the hard way then.

Sword: anda know, anda know why nothing works out for you, Twist!? Because you've got a negative attitude. Like Eeyore.

Saten: Oh, that's not fair Master. I don't think I have a negative attitude. I just don't think it's a good idea for us to embark on a potentially dangerous journey whe...

Sword: I still have a loaded gun.. Now drive me to the real North Pole.

Saten: What do I get out of this?

Sword: Help me and ... I'll take anda and Trixie with me to Los Pegasus.

Sword: I'll even pay for the greatest buffets.

Saten: Fine..


(They drive to Canada but the car breaks down).

Saten: Well that's just great.

Canadian: hei there fokes.

Sword: Well this is convienent

Canadian: Oh, hei there. You're having some car troubles, eh?

Saten: Yeah, we're trying to get to the North Pole. I don't suppose you're from Triple A, are you?

Canadian: Who?

Saten: Triple A, anda know? A-A-A.

Canadian: Oh, AA, eh? Oh, I just came from AA.

Saten: No, not AA! AAA!

Canadian: Yeah, that's what I said. AA, eh?

Saten:: Oh, so anda are with Triple A.

Canadian: Oh, no, that's AAA. I just came from AA, eh?

Sword: Saten I think he's just a drunk.

Saten: Hold on Master, I'm handling this.

Canadian: Well, I can probably take anda to a gas station, eh? anda have cash, eh?

Saten: Well, I dunno, my name carries a little weight, but I don't see how that matters here.

Sword: Look, we don't have enough cash to fix the car and we're kind of on our way to the North Pole.

Canadian: Oh, a car won't take ya there anyway. But if ya like, anda can take my snowmobile.

Saten: ... Really?

Canadian: Oh, sure. That's what Canadian hospitality's all aboot. If ya like, anda can have all my money and my leg.

Sword: ... Okay.


(skip to the two on the snowmoblie, Sword holding the leg)

Saten: Why'd we take his leg?

Sword: We're in their country, Saten, we have to observe their customs. (drops leg on bump)

Sword: ... Well, at least we're done with the first leg of our journey.

Saten: That pun was bad and anda should feel bad.

Sword (annoyed): Fuck off

Saten: I would, but then you'd be all alone.


(They arrive)

Sword: There it is, Santa's factory

Saten: ...

Saten: I don't believe it.

They knock and sure enough Santa appears. However Santa is a sick and elderly looking, dying man.

Saten: Santa!?

Santa: Who are you?

Sword: I'm Master Sword (pulls out the handgun) AND I'M HERE TO KILL YOU!

Santa: ... Oh thank god. *kneels in front of them* Please do it.

Sword: What?

Santa: (puts gun in mouth) Do it!

Sword: You.. Want me two?

Santa: Put me out of my misery!

Sword: Whoa man, there's no sport in that.

Santa: *starts coughing, Saten helps him up*

Saten: I... I don't understand. I thought anda were supposed to be jolly and happy.

Santa (shows the factory to be dark gloomy place, and the elfs ll deformed and grey skinned, and the Raindeers all rabid wild animals): I used to be, a long time ago. I made toys for little boys and girls. I loved my work, and they loved me. But it just got out of hand. The world's population kept growing and growing. Kids wanted lebih toys, fancier toys! We used to make wooden choo-choos and rag dolls. anda ever try to make an iPod?! I've got orders for millions of 'em!

Saten: ... (crosses iPod off his list).

Santa: Look at those poor elves.. they're just a sickly race of mutated genetic disasters. At least 60% of them are born blind. The workload destroys them, but they don't know anything else. It's gotten so their instincts take over, and near the end, they just walk out into the snow and die. Then the reindeer eat them, which has turned the reindeer into wild, feral creatures with a blood-lust for elf flesh. I don't even pray for them anymore. Seems pointless. What God would allow this?

Sword (actually frightened, which for him is saying a lot): This is none of the songs atau specials!

Saten: How could anda let this happen?!

Santa: Me!? I didn't do this! Krismas DID THIS!!

(All the elves stand up angrily).



Santa: Each loceng would peal with a silvery zeal, as the holiday feeling was filling us. But now instead all we're feeling is dread, because Krismas time is killing us!

Elves (all together): Each Krismas senarai gets us lebih and lebih pissed, till the thought of existence is chilling us!

Santa: I'll tell anda what, shove your senarai up your butt! Because Krismas time is killing us!

Saten (singing): But can't anda see, that what anda do is a dream come true? Can't anda see that, every smile makes it all worthwhile?

Santa: No, screw, you! It's all but through, there's too much to do! All those dreams are nightmares, (zoom in Elf) AND BLANK ICY STARES!

Santa: Each little elf used to fill up a shelf, making playthings and selflessly thrilling us! Now they're on crack, and it feels like lraq, because Christmastime is killing us!

Elves (together): Each model train only heightens the pain of a workload that's draining and drilling us!

Santa: Fingers all bleed, and look that guy just peed, because Krismas time is killing us!

Sword (singing): But can't anda see, our point of view? We rely on you. Can't anda see that Krismas cheer, gets us through the year?

Santa: My whole crew is black and blue, can't anda take a clue? anda may think I look great, (zoom in to tunjuk his elderly wrinkered skin) BUT I'M TWENTY-EIGHT!

Santa: Each jingle loceng is a requiem knell. And while anda think it's swell we are toiling in Hell. Take a look, anda can tell as a man I'm a sheeeeeeeeeell! because Christmastime is killing us! KILLING US! Krismas time is killing us!

(Song ends with the elves all hanging themselves).


Santa: (coughs and passes out)

Saten: (jaw dropped)

Sword: ... Is weird that that was a great song?

Saten: (eyes turn to him, having no reply)


Skips to Santa in hospital.

Saten: Is he going to be okay?! It's Christmas!

Elf Doctor: Krismas is the problem! He can't keep this pace up anymore. If he goes out tonight, he'll die.

20h agoSword: Which means no lebih Christmas!?

Elf Doctor: Afraid so.

Saten: ... We're do it

Sword and Doctor (together): What!?

Saten: anda were right Sword, he IS real. And he needs our help.

Sword: Alright. So how do we start?

Saten': Don't worry, Santa. We'll make sure there's a Krismas this year.

Santa: Thank anda red pony. That brings me peace in this hour. I'll be with Allah soon.

Saten: What!?

Dr Elf: H-he's just delerious.

Saten: *clearly uncomfortable* Okay then. So we should probably get started

Sword: Anyone else freaked out sejak that Allah thing?

Saten: Forget that, lets get going.


(Later as they prepare to leave).

Saten: alright.. (whips) Mush!

*Reindeer don't move*

Sword: It's not working. I think they need to be coaxed. Santa berkata they eat elf flesh.

Sword (sees a misshapen elf standing in the snow, staring blankly at nothing): Hey! hei you! Come over here!

Elf doesn't move.

Saten: I don't think he even knows where he is.

Sword: I guess we should just do it then.

Saten: (sighs, goes over with swissblade)

Saten cuts through the elf's arm, the elf is unfazed and unresponsive.

Saten (takes the arm): So... bye! *runs back to sleigh*

They take off, using the arm as a lure.

Sword: hei dude, that one reindeer just kind of pooped in the other reindeer's face, and the other reindeer just kind of ate it. Isn't Krismas magical?

Saten: It sure is.


Sword: Alright. First house of the night

Saten: (tosses gifts carelessly)

Sword: Whoa whoa man! anda can't just toss those all about.

Saten: Why not?

Sword: anda kidding? Those aren't socks and underwear donated sejak the api, kebakaran department to some battered women's shelter. Those are Santa gifts, tunjuk some care asshole.

Saten: Whatever, I delievered them. *grabs cookie and eats it*

Sword: Did anda just eat that whole cookie off the mantel?!

Saten: What? They left it out for Santa. We're Santa.

Sword: Yeah, but you're not supposed to eat all of it. anda take a bite and a sip of milk..

Saten: Oh anda know what. *pours susu on ground* There. Now they'll know Santa was here

Sword: lebih like Grinch was here.

Saten: Look I'm here giving out presents, I'll eat the damn cookie if I want. In fact, I might make myself a sandwich.

Sword: Don't anda fucking dare!

Saten: *goes into the kitchen*

Man: Who's there!? (turns on light)

Saten: Uhh.. I'm Santa.

Man: Yeah, sure, your Santa. That why anda broke in through the window? I'm calling the cops.

Saten: Wait, we are. We just couldn't fit though the chimey, and forgot the presents.. It's actually a funny stor-

Sword: AHH! (assualts him with bat, spraying blood everywherw)



Sword: Now help me drag him to the closet!

Girl: Santa!?

Sword: ... Fuck

Wife: Who are you!?.. (sees body) DAN!?

Saten: Look, we can explain.

Wife flees.

Sword panicks and fires the handgun from earlier.

Girl: MOMMY!

Saten: DUDE!

Sword: I panicked okay! Now find some tape!

The little girl is taped up.

Sword: Alright, now to clean the bat and give to (reads) Johnny... Go check for her brother

Saten: (Goes upstairs) There's only one bedroom!

Sword: Then who's... oh dear god we're in the wrong house!

(sirens blaring)

Sword: Damn it, we tripped the alarm. The cops are coming. Let's go!

Saten: What?! We're just leaving like this? What about not wanting to ruin Christmas?!

Sword: It's already ruined! This was one house. We've been here for an jam and a half! An jam and... First of all, we're not even Santa anymore. This has been a utama invasion. But an jam and a half Saten!

Saten: No wonder Santa Lost his mind, we can't do this in one night!




Sword: I can't believe it! We were supposed to save Christmas, and we completely blew it! We failed Santa!

Saten: No. No, we didn't fail Santa. The world failed Santa. The poor man just gives and gives and gives, and everyone just takes him for granted. Hell, I didn't even think he existed until last night.

Sword: I agree. But what are we supposed to do now? Krismas is doomed.

Saten: Maybe, but there is one thing we can do.

Saten: But we can make things right



Reporter: This just in, reports from all over the world says that no presents have delivered. We can only assume that everyone has been naugh-

Saten (runs infront of camera): Wait! I know what happened to Santa!

Reporter: Wha?

Twi (from her house): Saten?

(Saten wheels out Santa).

Reporter: Santa?!

Saten: That's right! It's Santa Claus! And the reason there was no Krismas this tahun is that this man is sick. Very sick. He's been bludgeoned sejak years of greed and avarice. The workload of filling our Krismas lists has overwhelmed him. And at the rate he's going, he may not make it another year. But there's a way for us to help him. If all of us everywhere can just cut back our demands and ask for only one Krismas present every year, there may still be hope. I know it's in our nature to resist sacrifice, even in hard times, but if we don't, we may have to give up Krismas altogether.

Reporter: anda heard him folks. Will we take just one gift a year, can we live with that?

Various people: One is enough... One's enough... I can live with that.

Canada24: Okay, just one.. But if it's a gym membership, someone's getting punched in the fucking face!

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Barry, and Aurora found that the door to the roof was locked. They could not get to Lexi while she was making the snow bigger, while making it fall faster.

Barry: *Knocks on door* LEXI, OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW!!!
Aurora: I could try to fly up there.
Barry: I can't let anda do that. The snow is too intense.
Aurora: Oh please. They don't call me Northwind for nothing.
Barry: Good luck.
Aurora: *Looks outside, and sees that two feet of snow are on the ground, and the snow is falling in big chunks* On saat thought, let's try breaking the door down.
Barry: *Hears an explosion* That's the 30th explosion...
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And she's also a sex addict.
pelangi, rainbow dash
my little kuda, kuda kecil
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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It's a review... Run for your lives!
pelangi, rainbow dash
my little kuda, kuda kecil
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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(Plum Jerkum and Toy Sword walk down pier)
Toy Sword: Its real nice to be in a different city away from all the troubles in Liberhay City
Plum Jerkum: Well, I suppose it is much nicer here
Toy Sword: I've never really been outside of Liberhay City before. I'm so glad I get to see my dad after four years
Plum Jerkum: Well, thats god to hear
Toy Sword: Are anda okay? anda seem kinda down
Plum Jerkum: I'm kinda having problems with my brother. He kinda needed help from some certain ponies
Toy Sword: So your brother is a little crazy. Every family has at least one
Plum Jerkum: Yeah, I guess your right
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Fiery waves – The ups and downs of Summer Pride

Chapter 4: Regnum Elementum

As I look back to the path where I came from, I must realize, this was the longest time I've spent in one place. This was our time. The Reign of the Elements.

According to tradition, my oldest brother, Landslide should have been crowned King. But he wasn't fit to rule. And he knew that. Despite his name, he was a gentle, spiritual soul, who lived a humble life. He did not care about material wealth atau power. He spent most of his time in the open fields, living like a hermit. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't a kuda, kuda kecil who you...
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The last solstice

Chapter 27: Time

A few hours later, Nocturnal Mirage was lying on his back beside the Princess, observing the twinkling stars on the cobalt sky from her balcony. The night was cold, their breaths were visible, but Celestia's body was radiating with an unusual, strong warmness, heating up the air in a small radius, like the flames of an intimate campfire.

“You know, every time I look at those beautiful stars, I wonder what's up there...” Mirage broke the quietness after some time.

“Indeed.” Celestia replied softly. “Everypony who took the time to gaze at Luna's work...
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After killing the enemy I got in my car with pelangi, rainbow Dash, and we started going to Sweet epal, apple Acres. We weren't sure why it was snowing.

Sean: Do anda suppose Twilight did this to fuck things up?
Rainbow Dash: Maybe. It could be part of her plan.
Sean: *enters sweet epal, apple acres*
Rainbow Dash: *looks at ponies* Wow, there's a lot of them here.
Sean: Seems like applejack did half of our job for us. Now we just gotta see what's going on. *stops*
Applejack: pelangi, rainbow Dash! Are anda alright?
Rainbow Dash: I'm fine. Sean prevented Robotnik's soldiers from attacking me.
Applejack: Good for you.
Sean: What's...
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Pinkie Pie chases the Yellow Submarine
pelangi, rainbow dash
my little kuda, kuda kecil
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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Warning: Since Wilson became a new character in this series, I forgot to put in his name for the opening credits, but don't worry, I have fixed that.

Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, Wilson, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 25

The "Not so" Great Escape

May 22, 1953

Five days after Gordon got suspended, Orion felt...
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Source: Equestria Daily
Chapter 1- The moon was full and was high above the sky. There was a rustling in the bushes behind Peppy. Peppy was a cat with black bulu and a white belly. His eyes are a bright green. Three Kucing appeared from the bushes. One was all white with blue eyes, and her name was Snow . The saat was gray with black stripes on the back, his name was Midnight. The last one is a cat with blue bulu and blue eyes. Her name was Rain. All three approached Peppy in silence. The silence was broken sejak another cat. His name was Leopard.

Leopard had orange bulu with black spots and he had brown eyes. Leopard was...
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Since the bridge collapsed, and everypony had to evacuate Frenchtown, the police made everypony menyeberang, cross the ice that formed on the Delamare River.

Police kuda, kuda kecil 64: *Looks around* I have a feeling we forgot a few ponies.
Police kuda, kuda kecil 57: They probably ended up dead.

But they weren't. Saten Twist was with a few ponies inside his restaurant. Neither of them heard the alarm, because Saten Twist was playing loud Rock & Roll songs, and the explosions were too loud. Now there was no music, and Saten Twist was getting annoyed with two ponies in his restaurant.

Eddie: *Sings* Like the kertas dinding sticks...
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[Insert video huraian here]
my little kuda, kuda kecil
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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Ten minit after Metal Gloss left the station, Roger was about to arrive. He did his best to drive the train, but nopony trusted him.

Vandal Pony: He's almost here, get that wooden plank on the tracks now.
Vandal kuda, kuda kecil 2: *Puts wooden plank on tracks near station*
Roger: *Applies brakes, then hits wooden plank*

One end of the plank hit the bottom of the platform, and Roger's engine derailed.

Michael: *Runs out of station to see what happened*
Roger: *Walks out of engine*
Vandals: *Runs away*
Nikki: *Walks over to train*
Michael: No lebih work for anda today.
Roger: What's that supposed to mean?
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Well... I can't believe its here. I berkata I'd review this back in my Modofiyers review, so here it is. I give anda the worst, and I mean the fucking WORST, channel of this hari and age... Nickelodeon.
Okay, so why is Nickelodeon so awful... Well, lets compare some other channels. Cartoon Network has Adventure Time. Disney has Gravity Falls. Hub has My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. What does Nickelodeon have......... They have modern Spongebob, Sangey and Craig, and........... Well, I'll tell anda the other tunjuk when it comes to it. Now, these are the three shows that Nickelodeon has most......
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