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btflash posted on Apr 11, 2015 at 04:09PM
Did you love the episode? Did you hate the episode? Somewhere in between? Discussions (and spoilers) Within!

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hampir setahun yang lalu triq267 said…
Back from the pits of Hell (a.k.a. Salinas, CA) so that I can respond. Personally, I felt let down by the majority of the episode. The song was only okay, the conflicting decorations thing was one of the most predictable plots of the series, and the heart-wrenching scene between Spike and Twilight at the ruins of the library that I had oh-so been waiting for, wondering how the writers would handle the tragedy of losing a home, lasted less than a minute. But at least we finally have in-show confirmation of the library being named the Golden Oaks Library, since previously it had only been referred to as such in promotional materials. And man, did they want to drive home the name of that library. Twilight and Applejack must have referred to it by full name five or six times. Anyway, the episode wasn't awful, but it left me feeling let down.
hampir setahun yang lalu btflash said…
I liked the episode, it had a lot of funny and clever point within (bulk biceps giving massages.... OW)

but yeah, I can agree on about every point you made there. I didn't like the song, something about it felt off /out of sync (I have a bit of a self-indulgent theory about that, but I need to look into it more first).

As soon as the song got going, I was like "Ok, this is not going to end well."
That was confirmed once AJ brought in what was probably manure, btw.

Although I gotta say that watching it on stream and seeing other people react to it enhanced the experience for me, so I may need to get another watch in.

Otherwise, the main gripe I have with the episode is, again, the song. I just don't think it's Daniel Ingram's best work by any stretch of the imagination.
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hampir setahun yang lalu triq267 said…
Tune in next week for yet another exciting round of "triq and bt discuss the newest episode in a public forum and nobody else contributes even though they totally could"!
hampir setahun yang lalu NocturnalMirage said…
Hi there!

The only reason I have not contributed to your previous discussion is because I made an entire review of the Season Premiere, explaining my opinions and thoughts about it in detail.

Now, for this episode, I agree with Bt on most points. The story was extremely predictable, I could see that cliché coming from three miles away. MLP often relies on this concept of conflicting ideas within the Mane 6 and how they resolve said problem. But it was an okay episode, it had some funny scenes indeed, Pinkie and RD made sure of that, not to mention Bulk biceps at that massage saloon! xD Flutters was really cute when she tried to send Twi away very-very politely at the beginning. I also liked that Spike was more involved with the plot this time.

Admittedly, the writers could have put more emphasis of the destruction of the library and the emotional effects on those who lived there. That scene was too short and a bit forced for my taste, because it was kinda-sorta out of context or more precisely, the overall atmosphere of the episode.

The song was passable, we have all seen and heard way better from Daniel Ingram. But I guess since the two parter premiere offered only one song, they had to make up for it here.

However, what I liked about the episode, is that they continued the story arch of Twilight's ascension to a Princess, the writers focused on how this transition effects her everyday life, when she does not have to solve conflicts or defeat an antagonist. I think this method adds more depth to the plot, it feels more realistic... well, as much as technicolor talking mini horses can be. :D

In addition, I think the animation is awesome, I love how detailed the backgrounds are in that castle. I'd give it 3.5 starts out of 6.
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hampir setahun yang lalu btflash said…
altough I gotta say I got a bit emotional when they decided to use the roots as a chandelier. that was just a touching moment. :3
hampir setahun yang lalu NocturnalMirage said…
Indeed it was. And a creative idea too! I think those memory gems will be the thing for this season, like the rainbow power was a thing for the previous one. :D