My Little kuda, kuda kecil Friendship is Magic Episode Discussion: The one where applejack is best Background kuda, kuda kecil (again)

btflash posted on May 02, 2015 at 04:13PM
So yeah, another CMC episode, which I'm definitely happy about.

And once again we delve into the topic of cutie marks, a concept I'm all too happy to discuss. We see in this episode that Troubleshoes gets a cutie mark in "Bad Luck"

Say what you will about him being destined to be a rodeo clown, the point still stands that, as he says, "Upside Down Horseshoe = Bad Luck"

Although the entire concept of a cutie mark being all about good or bad luck intrigues me to no end, the concept they decided to focus on was an equally important point: Interpretation of a cutie mark once you have it.

So what did you guys think? Is Applejack best background pony? Did you like the CMC episode? Is bad luck the worst kind of special talent to get?
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hampir setahun yang lalu triq267 said…
Best episode of the season. No questions.

I have actually over the past few weeks started taking notes as I watch new episodes. There are a lot of things, but I would like to cover them all.

Starting, Braeburn. Just, YES. It should surprise exactly 0 people that I have been eagerly anticipating the return of Braeburn for the past FOUR YEARS. And he was perfect. Whether he was being hammy about his foreleg injury, sleeping in his chair in the most uncomfortable position possible, or awkwardly laughing to himself about letting the CMC run off, he stole every scene he spoke in, at least for me. 10/10.

NEXT, Sheriff Silver Star. For one, he has deputies. They seemed pretty cool. Also, you seem them at one point playing a card game which is obviously supposed to be some form of poker. So poker is a thing in Equestria I guess. We also have his jail. For one, THEY HAVE JAIL. And it's not like some super jail to store big bads like Nightmare Moon or Discord. No, this is a jail to house normal, everyday ponies who have broken the law. And when we see the cell, there are 10 tally marks on the wall. What I would like to know is, who was bad enough to get thrown in prison for at least 10 days, and what did they do to be put there. We also see the ponies with the pitchfork and torch, which, aside from making me laugh, makes me think that Sheriff Silver Star and his deputies have dealt with rioting/an angry mob in the past. (Also, when the prison bed breaks it makes the same sound as opening a crate in Team Fortress 2, which was probably not an intentional shout-out to the fans but still cool)

Now, on to Trouble Shoes. For one, loved his design. New types of horse are always welcome, and I hope to see more Clydesdales on the show in the future. His flashback makes me wonder about his history though. For one, his vernacular was particularly sophisticated, particularly for a settler pony. Where is he from originally? He's probably not from Appleloosa, because we see buffalo at the rodeo in his flashback, so unless that flashback was only 4 years prior, then he has to have come from another settlement which was on better terms with the buffalo. That also makes me wonder, though, if we have buffalo seen in a different settlement, are there different tribes of buffalo, with their own chiefs and customs? But back to Trouble Shoes. He also brings up some interesting questions about Cutie Marks (further cementing that this season will be all about cutie marks). For one, it is possible to get a cutie mark in bad luck. It is possible to get a cutie mark and have no idea what it means or why it is there. Now, we saw this in Bloom and Gloom, but that was a dream. This is the real, waking world of Equestria.

This brings me to my final set of notes, the CMC. I'll just get out of the way real quick that the face Scootaloo made while falling down the mudslide was adorable. Also, while most of the scenes involving Sweetie Belle using magic had her struggling, when the CMC walked into Trouble Shoes' trailer, she very casually closed the door with her magic. They are showing real continuity and development with her magic and I love it. Also, the ending led me to a though which I lovingly referred to in my notes as my "bt-style" theory, and that is that the CMC are going to end up getting cutie marks assisting others in finding their cutie marks, and what they do now (singing, scootering, whatever Applebloom's talent is this week) will be a hobby more than anything.

I also have a note here about that scene where Trouble Shoes is on his back with that other rodeo clown peddling on his legs and that I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going, and I'm not going to go into any more detail than that.

All in all, I thought it was a great episode, best of the season so far. Although considering next week we get a Discord episode it is entirely possible that my opinion will change...
hampir setahun yang lalu btflash said…
"bt-style" theory, and that is that the CMC are going to end up getting cutie marks assisting others in finding their cutie marks, and what they do now (singing, scootering, whatever Applebloom's talent is this week) will be a hobby more than anything."

Yeah, gonna shamelessly steal that real quick. *clears throat*

Also, before I begin my weekly tirade, just gonna mention a little easter egg I found.
About 16 minutes into the episode, when applebloom yells out "That's my sister!" (when cheering for applejack), listen closely to what is said in the background directly after.

Sweetie belle, and yes I know for sure it was sweetie belle's voice, yells out "No, it's mine!"

I shit you not, that is a thing, and it obviously is a reference to the episode Sister Hooves Social, and I love it.

Anyway... On to the tirade and conspiracy theories.

So, at the end of the episode, I began to realize something.
The CMC have an INTENSE fascination with cutie marks. And they have sort of an ineptitude when it comes to the subject these days, because they have spent 5 seasons trying to acquire their own.

And think about it, there have been 3 episodes this season having to do with cutie marks.

Season Premiere: Cutie Map - Reveals that cutie marks are deeply tied to a pony's magic, and that there is a spell to remove and negate cutie marks.
Episode 4: Bloom and Gloom - Explores 3 aspects of cutie marks that the CMC haven't explored before;
Acquiring a cutie mark you don't expect,
The CMC's fear of not getting their cutie marks at the same time,
Applebloom not getting an apple-related cutie mark.

Now, I'm seeing a pattern with those 3. And I think the writers are secretly foreshadowing something.

Here's my theory. Based on Bloom and Gloom's dream sequence, I theorize that:
1. Applebloom will get a cutie mark that she won't expect at first.
2. The CMC will get their cutie marks at the same time.
3. Applebloom will not get an apple-related mark.

My theory is that The CMC's special talent is to help other ponies acquire and discern the nature of their cutie marks.
Their talent is to be the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Helping other ponies with the great mystery that is cutie marks.
And I am calling it right now, their cutie marks will all be the CMC emblem, but with minor differences dependent on their hobbies.

AND my second theory: The cutie mark crusaders will get their cutie marks in the season finale, because...

They will be up against starlight glimmer.
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hampir setahun yang lalu triq267 said…
First, I would like to point out that I was, in fact, INB4 btflash made another conspiracy theory. Secondly, it would seem that our ideas on where this is headed are very much similar, if not the exactly the same.

Also, I rewatched that scene, and yeah, you can totally hear "No, it's mine!" which is both awesome continuity and slightly confusing as to why it she would say that. I mean I know it's a reference, but it doesn't make sense why Sweetie Belle would say that at that moment. I mean it's neat and I think it's really cool that you caught that, I just wonder why it's there in-universe-wise, aside from just real-world-script-wise.
hampir setahun yang lalu btflash said…
a better question would be why didn't applebloom's mouth move when she said that in the first place?
hampir setahun yang lalu btflash said…
Also, you may have made the theory first, but I went in-depth illuminati-style on it :3
triq267 commented…
My response was already over a page long. With so many points to make, I'm trying to not go as in depth as I want to avoid my responses being even further obnoxiously long. I mean, I had to cut 3/4 of my theorizing on Trouble Shoes' origins because it was getting rambly and difficult to bring back around to my other points. hampir setahun yang lalu