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princess cadence was an alicorn she was kind beautiful and was a foalsitter to a young unicorn named twilight sparkle she was the neice of celestia and luna then when she was old she went to canterlot and she found a unicorn keledai, colt named shining armor he was TS's brother he was a nice and handsome keledai, colt he fell in Cinta with her then shining armor berkata cadence will u marry me cadence berkata of course! Well she was a princess! two days before the wedding there was a threat to canterlot and she was a changeling she kidnapped princess cadence and imprisoned her in a cave and she changed into a fake cadence shining armor thought is was real cadence and he got weaker TW found the real cadence got rid of the changeling and cadence and shining lived happily ever after of course after the wedding

the end <3
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 the toy
the toy
I hate Princess Skyla. This is a artikel explaining why, please take the time to read and recognise my points. Thankyou.

If anda are un-aware of Skyla's existence then run. Run away from this nightmare! If anda are atau Brave enough to be informed however, she is a toy that was released featuring a filly plushie, who, is rumoured to be Cadance and Shining's baby.

My first problem with her is the art on the side of her box is a re-colour of Sweetiebelle. Oh how original of anda Hasbro! Original indeed.

The saat is she is a stealing criminal! I'm not kidding. She has the exact same crown as Celestia!...
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