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This My Little kuda, kuda kecil Friendship is Magic foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

1. Whenever anda see apples anda immediately think of Applejack.
2. Instead of saying "yes" anda say "Eeyup".
3. Whenever anda get mad at someone anda tell them one of three things.
A. I'm gonna tolerate and Cinta the SHIT outta you.
B. You're going to Cinta ME!!!
C. BANISHED to the moon!
4. Instead of saying "Oh my god!" anda say "Oh my Celestia!"
5. anda have MLP peminat characters.
6. anda tell people to call anda sejak the name of one of the ponies.
7. Hear the word Pie and anda go "LIKE PINKIE PIE?!"
8. If anda see ANYTHING that says "20%" anda burst into laughter.
9. If anda see the word rainbow, anda immediately feel...
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Hello, to anda all. This is a senarai of characters from My Little kuda, kuda kecil that I utterly hate, with a burning passion. Of course, I may hate a character anda like atau there may be a character anda hate that wasn't here. Remember, this is my opinion, so if anda want to complain about my list, do so maturely. With all that said, lets start with...


Nightmare Moon- This villain is so unoriginal. She has to boast sejak telling people how great she is, she has to monologue about being trapped in the moon, she also laughs. And she did all three in just under a minute. Oh, and she also shouts no once she is defeated....
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Twilight and zamrud, emerald were in the everfree forest looking for Zecora. They finally found Zecora's Hut. Hello Twilight. berkata Zecora.
Zecora i need anda all of kuda, kuda kecil ville has turned dark i can't see a thing! berkata Twilight. Oh but i can't help anda anda see that is nature once every 3 years the hari turned very dark no kuda, kuda kecil can't see a thing but after a while it turns back to light but it might turn dark again. berkata Zecora. But How am i going to read atau see anything in the dark! berkata Twilight. Oh Twilight it will turn hari again atau not!
(evil Laughs!) Zecora! says Twilight. But anyway just do not fear it will turn daylight again atau not! says Zecora.

Come on zamrud, emerald says Twilight.

Ok! says emerald.

To be continued.............