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It was time for a meal in Fluttershy's cottage, where our little "Snow White like" pegasus kuda, kuda kecil was feeding her animal friends. She then heard some tapping on the floor, so she around and saw a merely demanding Angel wanting his meal. She gave him a nice bow of fresh garden vegetable salad in a bowl. But he didn't want that. Fluttershy was curious as to what he wanted. Angel then got a recipe book and he showed his mistress what he would like to have. She wasn't sure on whether she would have it done for him atau not, but he wouldn't take any rejection. She persuaded him to have at least one...
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A Cat.
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Captain Wilson
Captain Wilson
While Captain Wilson was busy working in the yards, Percy came to see him.

Percy: Who is he?
Gordon: A visitor.
Percy: Why is he here?
Gordon: Don't ask me. *walks away*

At the train station

Hawkeye: *stops train*
Stylo: *Gets out*
Hawkeye: *gets out*
Pete: Well done anda two. I called anda back here, because I want to tunjuk anda a visitor.
Hawkeye: Okay *Looks around* I don't see anypony of important significance.
Pete: That's because he's in the yards.
Hawkeye: Oh. *walks to train yard*
Pete & Stylo: *Follow Hawkeye*
Hawkeye: *Sees Gordon* Where are anda going?
Gordon: To the station. *walks away*
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song (Start at 0:15): link

Los Angeles, 1961

Mares: *Dancing with Stallions*
Saten: *Walks into the bar*
Ponies: Saten!!
Saten: *Smiles at everyone* Good evening everyone.
Bartender: What's your pleasure buddy?
Saten: I think I'll go for the usual.
Bartender: anda got it.
Saten: Why didn't your wife ride the train yesterday? I didn't see her get off at Flagstaff.
Bartender: Promotion. She now has to fly to Portland.
Saten: Ah. *Gives the bartender a quarter, and a dime*

Jake walked in, followed sejak Greg, and Jared.

Saten: hei speaking of Portland, look who decided to come for a visit.
Greg: *Turns around*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

Saten: *Enjoying Muzik on his record player while sitting in his couch, and drinking a glass of water* This is how anda enjoy a summer morning. *Hears a doorbell, and walks to his door*
Tareq: *Watches Saten open the door* Hi Saten. I would have called but my line's down. Can I hang out with you?
Saten: Come on inside.
Tareq: *Closes the door* Buddy Holly. Good choice.
Saten: I just bought it a few days ago. How did your run with Jake go yesterday?
Tareq: Not bad. I actually got him to sit down, and shut up.
Saten: Thank god! How did he react?
Tareq: He stayed silent once I told him about...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The seterusnya day, Jake went back to the train station in Albuquerque. Tareq was waiting.

Jake: Hey. My name's Jake, and I'm a nerd.
Tareq: Oh no.
Jake: Did anda know that the Santa Fe was first created in 1859? We've been around for nearly 100 years.
Tareq: Buddy, I'm gonna ask anda to shut up. We have a freight train that needs to head into Chicagoat. We're gonna go as far as La Junta in Coltorado. Once we get there, we'll come back on another freight. Are anda ready?
Jake: Sure. *Climbs on board with Tareq*

They quickly started their journey north.

Jake: Do anda know why our freight engines are painted...
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