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It was a lonley and scary day,as pelangi, rainbow Dash would call it later.Let me tell anda a story:
-Yes,princess,-said pelangi, rainbow Dash.
-Rainbow Dash,as my loyal warrior,I need anda now lebih than ever!
-What is it princess Celestia?
-It is a great warrior,witch treated me in the past.It's WarriorFire!I want anda to stop him!He is hiding somewhere in the sky!My guards aren't finding him anywhere!That is what i called you!He is very dangerous!You may go now,you just need to go to princess Twilight Sparkle and she will give anda the things anda need for this trip.Good luck!
Rainbow Dash thinks:''What am I going to...
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Cloudsdale, June 17th, 1778 BCR.

'Come on, Gilda, we're almost late!' a Cyan colored Pegasus kuda, kuda kecil with a pelangi, rainbow colored mane said.

'Yeah, yeah, hold on to your hooves, Dash! I'm coming!' berkata the griffin.

They were both flying to the city in the clouds, Cloudsdale. Both were there at Junior Speedsters Summer Flight Camp, and they were almost late for the morning training. The two of them were friends, atau so they would think. The Cyan Pegasus was known for being a brasher, and was also known to get in a fight very often. She was called pelangi, rainbow Dash, and called herself the 'Fastest Flier of Equestria'....
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Hello, to anda all. This is a senarai of characters from My Little kuda, kuda kecil that I utterly hate, with a burning passion. Of course, I may hate a character anda like atau there may be a character anda hate that wasn't here. Remember, this is my opinion, so if anda want to complain about my list, do so maturely. With all that said, lets start with...


Nightmare Moon- This villain is so unoriginal. She has to boast sejak telling people how great she is, she has to monologue about being trapped in the moon, she also laughs. And she did all three in just under a minute. Oh, and she also shouts no once she is defeated....
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