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5. Shining Armor X Princess Cadance
I think they go rather cutely together, but the main reason I like them is because it is an actual couple. Probably one of the only couples that's been made official sejak the show. (Aside from a possible "Mac X Cheerilee" which just barely didn't make this list)

4. Cranky X Matilda
Well, yes, this is also an actual couple. I like this one better than Shining Armor and Cadance because of their Cinta story. I found it adorable that they met at the Gala,and found each other again after so long. (But really Matilda, why did anda put the note on the side of the...
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 This issue makes Fluttershy cry!
This issue makes Fluttershy cry!
Note: Out of 5 Rawak bronies on this club (It was originally intended to be a certain group, but my patience goes up and down, and at that moment, I became a bit too impatient with the rest who didn't reply, so I asked some Rawak bronies, who I wish not to say who), four have agreed that I should write a rant which targets this lovely situation. It may include pictures regarding of negativity about us, which may include stereotyping, immaturity, inaccurate portrayal, atau just downright excessive hating. If you're about to prepare your Twilight Gun and go on a Cinta and tolerate beatdown spree,...
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 Thank you, Laugh
Thank you, Laugh
Hello. :3

I wanted to wish anda all a Merry Christmas. Everybody on this club has been so nice to me, I wanted to thank you. I may not know anda all in person, but I know each and every single one of anda has a hati, tengah-tengah of gold. :)

Laugh: Where can I start? Your nama pengguna says it all. anda make me laugh, and anda help me through rough times. anda are always so kind to me, and to everyone else. anda are one of my best Friends on here. anda are Cyber Sister. XD

Nocturnal Mirage: I need to warn all of you, he showers anda with his kindness. XD anda have also helped me through my rough times. I thank...
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Never trust humans.
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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if it true that anda can have two ponies with same cutie mark it seem there poines in this shows with the same cutie mark if not then this blue blond hair kuda, kuda kecil is doctor whooves atau it was just a error the animeator made.this is a real clip from the ep at the gala
During the song, fluttershy face this kuda, kuda kecil with an jam glass as a cutie mark,doctor whooves has the same mark.
also there are other ponies there with the same cutie mark like the the prince that raity wanted to be with and the two colts blue and gray one that are welcoming raity when she about to sing her part in the song,or it just they got to lazy to draw new cutie marks for them
atau there a chance that siblings can have the same cutie mark.........just kidding i dont know but maybe
Both believing people dead people are alive and with him.. Niether the game atau the story mentioned is for 'everyone' so video is PG.
dead rising 2
expirments of twilight sparkle
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