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 Then she got an idea...
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An awful Idea!
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This My Little kuda, kuda kecil Friendship is Magic foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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I just found that I can relate to all the ponies! mostly Pinkie Pie, is anda wanna see my artikel for her fanclub:


Anyway, first, I'll start with Twilight Sparkle.
I can be sort of paranoid about things and nerdy. I also try to plan things out on occasions, instead of winging it. I read a lot and am very smart and stuff.

Fluttershy: I Cinta Haiwan and don't like things to be hurt. I can be sort of shy...but rarely.

Applejack: I (hardly ever) am a hard worker and I sometimes aim for the big things to clear away (Episode 8 - Look Before anda Sleep). Plus, I Cinta APPLES! Also, I have a little sis....
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    It was your average summer hari in Ponyville, the sun beaming down on everypony's cheery faces as they did their life's work. It didn't seem like there was a great disturbance of any sort, smiles lighting up the expressions all over town. Well, except with the weather team, who were interrupted sejak a falling filly...
    “One, two, three, four!” pelangi, rainbow Dash chanted, bucking wildly at clouds. She was giggling to herself, absolutely having the greatest adrenaline rush she could possibly conjure. The pantas, swift pegasus kuda, kuda kecil suddenly locked her gaze onto...
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I can't believe no one telah diposkan this here. I'm sure you've all seen it, but it still belongs.
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