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 Then she got an idea...
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An awful Idea!
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This My Little kuda, kuda kecil Friendship is Magic foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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Now, there was a time when I actually supported shipping… I was a very sad, pathetic, and very stupid kid growing up. Now that I have matured a bit, I can see that shipping is basically a way of forcing two characters into a relationship, when I bet they are thinking, “Oh god, please kill me”. So, I am going to tell anda all the shipping that I hate the most. Before I start, I just want to say that anda are not a bad person if anda like this sort of shipping. So, I would respect it if anda didn’t hate on me for hating something anda like. Now, lets piss off some shippers. Also, I have images...
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Just a very sad piece of Muzik which is fanmade for the picture....It might have anda tearing up... :,(
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 10 tahun old Eris
10 year old Eris
Eris was growing fast and Celestia loved her with all her heart. But when Discord found out about Eris he disappeared. Eris was not treated equally sejak the other fillys. She looked like her father not a pony.
But she was their princess so they were mostly scared of her. Luna couldn't stand her be picked on so she had to do something. But Luna was very busy. She was with her adopted daughter Selene in Ponyville.
Eris was alone. Without a father and without a friend.

-Next episode coming soon
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