My Little kuda, kuda kecil Friendship is Magic Best My little kuda, kuda kecil Ships?

Pick one:
Pinkie X pelangi, pelangi, rainbow <3
Trixie X Twilight
epal, epal, apple jack X pelangi, pelangi, rainbow
FlutterShy X Rarity
FlutterShy X Rainbowdash
Spike X Twilight
Spike X Rarity <3
Pinkie X Fluttershy
pelangi, pelangi, rainbow X Rarity
Twilight X Pinkie
Twilight X Rainbowdash
epal, epal, apple Jack X Pinkie
epal, epal, apple Jack X FlutterShy
Rarity X AppleJack <3
Twilight X epal, epal, apple Jack
Pinkie X Rarity
Rarity X Twilight
Twilight X Fluttershy
Soarin&# 39; and pelangi, pelangi, pelangi, rainbow Dash
Soarin' and pelangi, pelangi, rainbow Dash
Added by DisneyFan333
I don't ship.
3 of those but not as a couple but some kind of Friend Pair
Added by alinah_09
Twilight x Luna
Added by UmNoOne
Diamond Tiara x Snails
Added by matau99
drake x Josh
Added by Drosh4ever
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