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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Komano was telling Edward about Tom going to Ringoes.

Edward: What's he doing there?
Komano: He's a volunteer on the Black River & Western. He's helping everypony evacuate to Ringoes.
Edward: Well, I hope it doesn't take too long.

Over at Rutgers Landscaping Nursery in Ringoes, Nikki heard some of her co-workers talking about the api, kebakaran in Ponyville.

Mare 68: They're planning to evacuate everypony, at least that's what I understand so far.
Nikki: Where?
Mare 25: Ponyville.
Nikki: That's where Tom works.
Mare 25: anda wanna leave early, and see if he's okay?
Nikki: What'll our manager say?
Boss: *Behind...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Monday morning, Tom was back at work at Wawa. The gas station had seven cars. Tom, Edward, and Komano were having a good time.

Edward: Alright, have a good day.
Mare 52: Thank you. *Drives away in a Pontiac*
Tom: *Opens a gas tank on a mini-van* Good morning.
Mare 88: Hi, can anda fill it please?
Tom: I'd be happy to, but with what?
Mare 88: Regular.
Tom: Yes ma'am. *Takes her credit card, and swipes it*
Benny: *Arriving in his Audi*
Komano: Uh oh. It's this stallion again.
Benny: *Steps out of his car, and smokes a cigarette*
Komano: Tom, look out!
Tom: *Turns around, and sees Benny smoking a cigarette*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Ringoes, Neigh Jersey.

Tom: *Walking with Nikki* How's 60 today?
Carlos: Tom, good morning.
Hunter: 60's in great shape. We're getting the api, kebakaran started now.
Tom: This is a good friend of mine, Nikki West.
Nikki: Howdy.
Carlos: I'm Carlos Licciardi.
Hunter: And I'm Hunter. Pleased to meet you.
Tom: We were hoping you'd let Nikki drive engine 60.
Hunter: Alright. She can help us get the passenger cars over to the station.
Nikki: Yay!

Once the api, kebakaran got ready in the firebox, the water began to boil, and create steam.

Carlos: We have enough pressure to move. Release the brakes, and open the throttle.
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my little kuda, kuda kecil
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Nikki went on her laptop, and searched for Tom on facebook.

Tom: *Uploading a picture onto Facebook from his cell phone. He receives a notification from Nikki West* A friend request? This is a nice surprise.

Tom was helping her again at the gas station.

Nikki: anda think we could hang out, perhaps?
Tom: I'm down for that. Where would anda like to go?
Nikki: The park. I Cinta that stream, and I also like walking past all those trees.
Tom: *Stops the gas pump* You're at 20. anda don't want that receipt.
Nikki: That's right.
Tom: *Puts the nozzle back on the pump, then closes up Nikki's tank* You're good...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After seeing Tom, Nikki went back to the landscaping company to continue her work.

Mare 25: anda get to see Tom again at Wawa?
Nikki: Shut up. *Laughs*
Mare 25: When are anda going to ask him out?
Nikki: We're only friends.

Another mare walks over to them.

Melanie: Can any of anda help me find a tree?
Nikki: I got anda covered.
Melanie: Thank you. sejak the way, I'm new to Ponyville. I'm Melanie Lockmann.
Nikki: I'm Nikki West. Put 'er there. *Shakes hooves with Melanie* So what kind of pokok are anda lookin' for?
Melanie: Anything with some nice leaves, atau Bunga on it. tunjuk me the prettiest trees anda have....
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