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posted by MermaidElleAmy

LEADER: Meadowstar- mottled dark brown tortoishell she-cat with yellow eyes
DEPUTY: Hawkspirit- Gray she-cat with green eyes, a nick out of her right ear and a battle scarred muzzle.

MEDICINE CAT: Floodwhisker- Black tom with blue eyes, formerly a warrior.
Apprentice, Rowanheart

Russetpelt- Ginger tom with amber eyes
Heatherwing- gray she-cat with green eyes
Leafleg- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Shrewpelt- Sandy coloured she-cat with green eyes
Brackenheart- Calico tom with green eyes
Patchheart- White and orange patched tom with green eyes
Dawntail- White tom with amber...
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posted by MermaidElleAmy
There was no sign of Duskkit atau Sweetkit.
"Where'd they go Echokit?" She called.
"I don't know!" Echokit called back.
"Have anda seen them Lichenkit?"
Shrewkit was staring around the camp. "I don't know either." She meowed absently. "Look at that fresh-kill!" She was staring at a fluffy and feathery mass of birds, squirrels and mice at the end of the clearing. It was topped off sejak a huga vole.
"The fresh-kill pile!" Amberkit raced towards it, her nose twitching. She'd heard all the queens in the nursery talk about it, and she'd dihidu, smelt mice on her mothers pelt before. What would it taste like? Shoving...
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posted by MermaidElleAmy
"Shouldn't she have opened her eyes sejak now?"
"Shush Emberflight. She's only a few days old. She will open them when she's ready, I promise.
Amberkit felt the rasp of her mothers warm tongue on her pelt and muzzled her head on Swiftstrike's belly, searching for milk.
"Echokit opened hers as soon as she was born and Lichenkit opened hers this morning." Emberflight reminded Swiftstrike. " And my kits had theirs opened from the minit they were born. Ah, they are definatly true warrior material." The she-cats tail swished around her bedding of soft moss.
A soft purr came from a third queen. "Oh Emberflight,...
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posted by MermaidElleAmy
MoonClan is just StarClan so anda know
Lionstar-Golden pelted she-cat with a mane like a lion and green eyes (WaterClan)
Hailstar- gray tom with black spots and orange eyes (BreezeClan)
Leafstar- Mottled brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. (LightningClan)
Stonestar- Small, timid tom with a glossy black pelt and blue eyes (LightningClan)
Reedstar- Brown tom with green eyes (BreezeClan)
Talonstar- Ginger tom with yellow eyes (WaterClan)
Stonestar- Unusually golden spotted she-cat with green eyes (NightClan)
Mothstar- Silver she-cat with yellow eyes (NightClan)
Cedarstar- dark gray tom with purple...
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posted by MermaidElleAmy
LEADER:Shinestar- Shiny tabby she-cat with brown eyes
DEPUTY: Starflutter- very dark brown she-cat with white underbelly and blue eyes
MEDICINE CAT: Mistywing- Dappled Golden she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice, Beechwhisker

Blackfrost- Smoky black tom with purple eyes
Hawkclaw- Dark brown tom with white underbelly and blue eyes
Tallteeth- black tom with long teeth and blue eyes
Rosepelt- Rosy coloured she-cat with green eyes
Sageclaw- white she-cat with short whiskers and yellow eyes
Brackenpool- pale ginger tom with dark black legs and yellow eyes
Voletail- Large brown tabby tom with...
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posted by MermaidElleAmy
LEADER: Whitestar- white pelted long limbed she-cat with blue eyes
DEPUTY: Crowtail- dark gray-blue tom with green eyes
MEDICINE CAT: Poppyflame- gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

Onewing- Brown tabby tom with green eyes
Ashface- Black tom with gray face and blue eyes
Barkfoot- Brown tom with amber eyes
Otterfur- Tabby tom with torn muzzle and blue eyes
Hailear- Dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes
Weaselwhisker- Black tom with short whiskers and amber eyes
Rushtail- Black-brown she-cat with blazing blue eyes
Owlsplash- Black tom with green eyes
Bumbleclaw- Tortoishell she-cat with brown eyes
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posted by MermaidElleAmy
LEADER: Amberstar- Amber pelted she-cat with one purple eye and one amber eye
DEPUTY: Flickerfang- Black and brown and white patched she-cat with green eyes
MEDICINE CAT: Featherstream- gray she-cat with green eyes.

Leafflicker- Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Thrushstorm- Sandy gray tom with with diamond on his head and amber eyes
Duststorm- Brown-black tom with flecks of darker gray along his back and amber eyes.
Whitepelt- White fluffy tom with blue eyes, blind in one eye.
Pinefur- Black, pantas, swift tom with red-amber eyes. Strongest warrior yet.
Stripeback- Dark brown she-cat...
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