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I will be cancelling this story.I feel like i could have done so much better,but my laziness and writer's block prevented me from doing so.So Namikaze Chronicles is over.....

But i am rebooting this story,changing the plot some,and i won't suck so bad this time around!

So look out for Naruto Ascension!

Coming Soon,believe it!

Oh,and the little short is an old story idea.

The rain poured down on the streets of the leaf village continuously.Most were held up in their homes,talking with family atau any other mischallenious activity.This could not be berkata for one boy,by the Name of Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto was an orphan,one of the many orphans of the Nine-Tails attack 9 years ago.Unlike the other orphans though,he wasn't looked at in sympathy atau pity;He was looked at in fear and hate.

He never knew why,but as long as he could remember,the whole village had hated him.They looked at him coldly,called him all kinds of names,even tried to kill him once.But the third had stopped that before it got out of hand.

He had been kicked out the orphanage for a tahun now,and survived off of scraps.He'd tried to tell the hokage about it,but he'd been so busy recently he hadn't had the chance.He was homeless,hungry,and had nowhere to go.

Hence why he sat in the cold and the rain on the fourth hokage's head right now,his wrong sized and torn clothes now cold and wet as the rain continued to fall all over him.He was used to it sejak now,so it didn't bo-

"What is a child like anda doing in the rain?"He heard a soft woman's voice say from behind him.Startled,he jumped up from his sitting position and quickly readied himself to run,but stopped himself when he saw the woman's face.

She had long and partially curly black hair and bright red eyes,and she was wearing a red dress,and a Chuunin flak jacket,the Leaf Headband on her forehead menunjukkan under the umbrella she held over her head.

She looks nice...He noted,seeing the warm and concerned expression on her face.She looked exactly how he imagined a mother would.But still...he looked to his right.He could escape if she proved to be dangerous.

Letting his curiosity get the better of him,he turned his attention back to the woman,slightly lowering his guard.Slightly.

"Who are you?....What do anda want?"He asked warily.She smiled.

"My name is Kurenai Yuuhi.I was heading utama when i sensed your chakra nearby and decided to investigate."naruto visibly relaxed.So she wasn't after him.

"But why is a little boy out here all alone?"Kurenai inquired.

Naruto hesitated.She was a complete stranger.Should he really tell her?

Kurenai noticed his pause,but berkata nothing of it.

"How about i take anda home.Your parents must be worried sick."She offered.

Naruto felt a pang of sorrow in his chest.There wasn't anyone besides the third who'd be remotely worried about his well-being.

"No thanks...but could anda take me to the hokage's office?"

She was a bit surprised-and confused-but ultimately accepted his request and walked him there.
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