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Narusaku are meant to be togheter . Why...becuse he loved her from hari 1 . Sasusaku and Naruhina let us forget that becuse is about Naruto remember the mange/anmie is called Naruto . I dont think Naruto is giving up on the girl on his dream if he's not giving up on sasuke . Naruto dosen't give even if sakura gets Sasuke that is never gonna happend but if it happends is not like Naruto will get with Hinata just becuse of sakura got with Sasuke he would still Cinta Sakura and that is kinda stupid . Naruto wish to be hokage and thats one hari gonna happend. Bring sasuke back and thats one hari gonna...
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hinata sighed as she looked around the moonlit pond. The Hyuuga Heiress was standing on a bridge that was overlooking a pond. Kurenai-sensei had telah diberi them the hari off, and Hinata just wandered around town, her feet bringing her to this place, the place she tried to keep away from the most. Hinata was tempted to leave, but knew no matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't. The pale eyed girl lay her hand on the cold stone bridge.


The water in the pond swayed slightly, though there was no breeze atau anything to cause movement. She felt tears creep up from behind her eyes. "No! I...
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