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During Pain's invasion of Konoha he confronts several ninja inquiring about the location of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, eventually leading his cari to Iruka. Iruka refuses to reveal anything and is about to be killed. Kakashi intervenes, telling Iruka to leave with the injured ninja. Kakashi then confronts Pain's Deva Path, but despite his methodical tactics, Pain proves too powerful for him to land a single blow due to his body's special abilities. He quickly summarizes the bodies and their strengths and weaknesses. Kakashi is later joined sejak Choji and Choza Akimichi. After a long battle,...
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3 Hours in Heaven with Naruto Guys! (girls, only plz and ty!)
Naruto - BELIEVE IT!!

You call out orange and Naruto stands up. ''Hey, Are anda sure anda want to do this?'' Naruto asks. anda nod yes and grab his hand. He gets the idea that anda really want to, and opens the closet door, allowing anda to enter first. He shuts the door behind anda locking it. ''Naruto, I've liked anda for a while and..'' anda begin to say, but he cuts anda off with a kiss. anda blush and so does he. ''I've liked anda since I met anda ____'' He says. anda blush even more. anda Ciuman him deeply and he tilts his head to deepen the...
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