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So, what did anda think of the Season 13 Finale?

Was it what anda expected?

Not for me, I was hoping that Cote de Pablo would return to the show, as Tony was leaving. I know that she didn't want to return though. I know that there is a chance that she is still alive, like maybe she went into hiding, knowing that Tali would be safe. I was shocked when it turned out that Tony and Ziva had a child together. Anyways, the episode pretty much made me ball my eyes out, especially when we saw Tony crying, my hati, tengah-tengah just broke at that moment. I was thinking how could they just kill her off? At least Tony got Tali, he has a family, someone he needs to take care of.

Anyways, just wondering what your opinion is.
 Makeupdiva posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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