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Blue85 posted on Jul 28, 2012 at 04:23PM
*Each participant can submit 1 banner per round
*You cannot use the same banner twice or one that someone else has made
*You must submit your banner before the set deadline
*You must adhere to the theme/guideline set
*The person who wins the previous round sets the next theme
*The theme set must be NCIS related (an actor/actress from the show, a character {main or otherwise}, a certain episode or season))
*Each winner will be added to the winners list & given props for thier banner...

Round 1 Winner ~ NCISLuverjk93
Round 2 Winner ~ ziva_rocks
Round 3 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 4 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 5 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 6 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 7 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 8 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 9 Winner ~ NCIS_Addict_87
Round 10 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 11 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 12 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 13 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 14 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 15 Winner ~ NCIS_Addict_87
Round 16 Winner ~ NCIS_Addict_87
Round 17 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 18 Winner ~ NCIS_Addict_87
Round 19 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 20 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 21 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 22 Winner ~ NariJames
Round 23 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 24 Winner ~ Blue85
Round 25 Winner ~ Blue85


Have Fun & Good Luck!:)

Round 1: Random
Round 2: Tony & McGee in 3x10- Probie
Round 3: Anything from 3x23&24- Hiatus
Round 4: 6x25- Aliyah
Round 5: Michael Weatherly
Round 6: Cote de Pablo
Round 7: Truth or Consequences
Round 8: Gibbs in Patriot Down
Round 9: Abby
Round 10: Ducky
Round 11: Abby & Tony
Round 12: Tony and Ziva doing the air guitar
Round 13: Mark Harmon
Round 14: Group Banner
Round 15: Kate & Gibbs
Round 16: Any Holiday Episode
Round 17: Group photo with a quote
Round 18: Ziva David
Round 19: Ziva & Abby
Round 20: Random 2
Round 21: Pauley Perrette
Round 22: Winter Wonderland
Round 23: Sean Murray
Round 24: Random 3
Round 25: NCIS Logo
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hampir setahun yang lalu Blue85 said…
Round 25: Ducky- Till Death Do Us Part
hampir setahun yang lalu nikki8green6 said…
Let's try 'NCIS' logo (with or without characters).
hampir setahun yang lalu Blue85 said…
I'm surprised we haven't done that one yet. lol Good choice.
hampir setahun yang lalu KenzieR said…
I know the photo I used is an old one but I used it anyways, hope it's okay.
 I know the foto I used is an old one but I used it anyways, hope it's okay.
hampir setahun yang lalu nikki8green6 said…
Here's mine.... pretty plain but decent..
 Here's mine.... pretty plain but decent..
hampir setahun yang lalu Blue85 said…
Great banners, ladies.
last edited hampir setahun yang lalu
 Great banners, ladies.
hampir setahun yang lalu Blue85 said…
I'll be making a pick for this round on Wednesday- Sept.12th.
hampir setahun yang lalu Blue85 said…
We need a new topic. Does anyone have any ideas?