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Alright the tajuk is kind of stupid but this is my rant: NeverShoutNever is a band. There are 4 members. Not just Chris. It annoys me how all these little fan-girls are always like "Chris is so hot" "I want to marry him" like seriously? It bothers me so much because a lot of the peminat-peminat now only care about Chris's face. Chris is not the only member of the band anda know? When I tell people I'm a NeverShoutNever peminat and they are like "Oh cause anda like Chris" it annoys me beacuse everyone is like "You're only 13 anda can't understand the message you're just a fan-girl" Well excuse sorry I'm not. NeverShoutNever's Muzik has helped me through all the hard times in my life and has made me a better lebih loving person. Just because I'm 13 doesn't mean I'm stupid and don't understand things. But this isn't about me. All I want to say is that people should start recognizing NeverShoutNever as a band not as "Christofer Drew"
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christofer drew
Muzik video
can't stand it
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neverSHOUTnever performing cute without the e live. Even though he messed up a little over all I think he sounds pretty!!
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