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Honestly, i hated how edward left her. iknow, I know, it was for love but, screw that! He knows he loved her and she loved him (obsessivly) and thats all that matters. But i was soo in to it to see if he came back. this one would be intresting to see from his point of view. And I was so relived that he did and she didnt end up with jacob- it wouldnt be that same. As you see i am for team edward. I think that it was so rude of jessica to totally ignore bella like that. its not like i thought she liked her in the beggining but stiil, she neededd a friend, not more people bailing on her! And when she jumped off the cliff **GASPS** she drowns and jacob is there to save her, but only after she hears edward. She would risk her life to hear his voice- true dedication. The ending wasnt too sespense ful because edward would surely not let them harm bella.
-a die-hard twilighter! =] =] SM rocks.
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