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crazy_S_ posted on Feb 11, 2011 at 06:04PM
Ok Fans!!!! Let´s start again, let´s try to make #ObsessedWithOliviaWilde a twitter topic for her birthday. We tryed it last year, and we can do it this year!!!! We are more Fans than last year, so we have more chances!!! Do it for Olivia, do it for urselft, show that you are a real FAN!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!! We have ca. 1 month so tweet like it would be only 1 week!!!! YES, WE CAN!!!!!! The "Pick" said that most of you want to try it again, the FAN who started it last year says YES 2!!! What are you waiting for!!! I HAVE A DREAM!!!! A dream of a twitter topic ....
Yours sincerely
Sarah aka the greates german OW fan ;-P

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hampir setahun yang lalu misanthrope86 said…
Can I... make a suggestion?

I was involved in this last year, so I know from experience that the "#ObsessedWithOliviaWilde" tag has been quite troublesome. Firstly, because the tag is so long, the risk of people making spelling errors is much higher. Secondly, with such a long tag, its harder to add it to the end of tweets, because there isn't enough space.
It might be beneficial to take advantage of what random people are already more likely to use in their tweets, by simply pushing "Olivia Wilde" as a trending topic. Her name is much easier to tweet multiple times, in multiple ways, and it also takes advantage of people who will 'accidentally' tweet her name in passing.

I love the idea of getting her name to trend for her birthday, but I do feel like "#ObsessedWithOliviaWilde is just a bit too cumbersome for the Twitter world...
hampir setahun yang lalu misanthrope86 said…
Just did a Twitter search and found that searching "Olivia Wilde" got heaps of results, from a variety of tweeters and lots of real time updates. "#ObsessedWithOliviaWilde" got a few results, maninly from the same group of people, but no real time results.

Also, have you contacted the other Olivia fansites that have Twitter accounts? I think I saw you tweet one of them, but have you sent a message to some of the other bigger ones? They will probably help out too.

Do I sound like a dick? I don't mean to! I'm just trying to help out. Thing about Twitter trends is that they can be manipulated.
hampir setahun yang lalu crazy_S_ said…
No no, it´s good to say what u think about it!!!
Well, I know it´s very difficult. And yes, ur right ... u can make more mistakes with #ObsessedWithOliviaWilde than with @oliviawilde, but then u have to be carefull and it wont be as cool to tweet @oliviawilde a hundred times. And I know, it´s not easy to short the things what you want to say into 140 letters and if you tweet a tweet with #ObsessedWithOliviaWilde you have only 116 left. But than u have to tweet more...
Yes ur right, the most tweets were from the same little group of people, but now there are some more. Cuz I wrote not only to a few ppl, no I mentioned many ppl and Olivia-sites to help. Also the Fan who started it last year to help and to try to get more ppl. And there even more now. Tweets from 20 different ppl. We´re getting more and more every day. Maybe u´ll help this year 2, if ur not doing yet ;-P
I dont care what the twitter world wants to have as twitter-topic. Everyday there´s a Justin Bieber topic. So why cant be a Olivia Wilde topic there??? We want to make it for her.
And Im not sure but optimistic that we can do it!!!!!
Even if we wont, it was a lot of "fun" like last year. I think its great how Fans work together on one thing, dont know each other just have the same oppinion of something and try to show it the world!!!!
I have 10 followers more now ;-P And now we Olivia Wilde Fans have name 2!! >> WildeWarriors !!! (not my invention)
YAY!!!!! I love to be a FAN!!!!!
hampir setahun yang lalu crazy_S_ said…
And by the way, my fanpop appeal was very expressive, wasnt it ;-P
hampir setahun yang lalu misanthrope86 said…
Oh no, I don't mean tweet "@oliviawilde", I mean just her name : Olivia Wilde. Its what they are doing for a campaign for a tv show called Chuck. They are asking people to simply use the word "Chuck" in all their tweets to get it to a trending topic.

I did it last year, and I did get a little annoyed with the length of the tag. I'll do what I can this year, but I just find it too cumbersome. Maybe next year we could revise it? I realy think it would be beneficial to take advantage of the way Twitter naturally works in order to achieve the goal.
hampir setahun yang lalu crazy_S_ said…
Oh ok, yes then it would be different. Yes, maybe next year!! Good idea ;-P