Nearly a tahun lalu I made a senarai of my bahagian, atas 10 most beautiful women on the tunjuk but now my opinion has changed. It's changed even lebih because now we have some new beauties that we didn't have before. Please komen and if someone anda think is really beautiful isn't here it doesn't mean I don't find them attractive, it just means they're not as beautiful as the others. If you're wondering how I feel about a certain character's looks who's not here feel free to ask me. Anyway, enjoy!

The only Once Upon A Time In Wonderland character to make this senarai and boy she's a knock out! I'm in the minority but I think she's gorgeous! Yes, she has those weird lips but ignoring that she's gorgeous. She has amazing blonde hair, pretty eyes, a cute nose, a nice smile (despite the lips), and flawless skin. She has this beauty about her that's mature and striking, I mean she's no Regina atau anything but she's got her own style about her that makes her unique. I know people hate the lips thing but look at the actress that plays young Cora, her entire face had work done on it. Yes, I know she had a car accident and is still beautiful but she still looks weird. At least with Ana it's just the lips and nothing else so she's not gross atau anything, despite what certain users think. However the main problem is her lips and I sure hope that what Emma Rigby did to her lips can be reversed.

I never noticed it before but she and Ana look really similar to each other but she's slightly prettier because she's lebih natural looking. She has an absolutely beautiful smile, great lips, stunning eyes, a cute nose, and gorgeous hair, which would look better if it was loose. She's not exactly sexy atau anything like the Disney Tinkerbell but she's still gorgeous. She has a unique style about her that's innocent and pure like Snow but has the spunky look like Emma. She's gorgeous but the others are prettier because she's slightly on the cutesy side.

IThis is ironic considering how I used to think she was plain but Regina is gorgeous. Don't get me wrong, there are several women lebih beautiful than Regina. Also I can think of hundreds of women that are lebih beautiful than Lana Parrilla, despite being my kegemaran of the cast and one of my kegemaran celebrities. However I Cinta her smile, it's absolutely beautiful, definitely her best feature. She has pretty eyes, a cute nose, great lips, nice skin, and beautiful hair. However I prefer her hair in season one, the shorter hair suited her much better. She does have an elegant look about her but still isn't anything special. She's quite common and ordinary looking and looks older than she actually is. She's also not sexy at all, even though people think she is. It's like my mom trying to be sexy, which to me is pretty gross. But nevertheless she's still really gorgeous but is a little overrated in the looks department but not too much. I just don't think she deserves to be considered one of the two most beautiful women on the tunjuk but she still deserves some attention. I just wish some other women on the tunjuk got lebih attention. She can't compare to the beauties above her.

That's right, I find Eva to be prettier than Regina but only slightly. They both look very similar and it was hard to decide between the two but I went with Eva because of her lebih natural beauty and her gorgeous blue eyes. She also has a beautiful smile, great skin, pretty hair, a cute nose, and great lips. She's really aged well, she looks better at this age than she did when she was younger. Cora must be even lebih jealous because she aged better than she did, don't get me wrong because Cora is very pretty. I really hope we'll get to see what made her change, even if it's a small scene. She's not higher because the others are just prettier and is quite common looking like Regina.

6.Snow White/Mary Magaret
She's considered the fairest of them all but there are others prettier than her. Regardless of that she's absolutely gorgeous. She has pretty eyes, an amazing smile, a cute nose, flawless skin, and great lips. She's both cute and gorgeous at the same time. When her hair is long it's gorgeous, especially in the "Evil Queen" episode. I loved her short hair in season one but in season two and three it's really too short. It seems like it keeps getting shorter and shorter, which isn't very flattering. Go back to the short hair in season one. She's only slightly prettier than Regina and Eva. She's not higher because the others have lebih striking features.

Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of people hate her but anda can't deny that she's incredibly beautiful. First of all I Cinta her gorgeous long black hair, it looks like Pocahontas' hair. She also has beautiful eyes, stunning features, great lips, a cute nose, handsome dark skin, and an incredible smile that can be either sweet atau sinister. It's a shame she's not on the tunjuk anymore because I really liked her, plus her actress is now on The Walking Dead, which is an AWFUL show. Plus she doesn't look as beautiful on that show, which is a shame. She's not higher because the others are played sejak Pelakon wanita that are in my bahagian, atas 10 most beautiful women that ever lived.


This is a true representation of Asian beauty, she's gorgeous. Iconic how she was supposed to be disguised as a man when I wouldn't believe that at all. She has gorgeous hair, stunning eyes, a striking facial structure, a beautiful smile, a cute nose, and nice lips. Some people think Aurora is prettier but I honestly think Aurora is quite plain and not that pretty. Anyway, she's breath taking and along with her drop dead good looks she's a bada**. She's not higher simple because the others are prettier.

She used to be my most beautiful on my old senarai but not anymore for reasons I'll explain later. I have to say she's really underrated in the looks department. I for one find her absolutely GORGEOUS and incredibly sexy. She's the sexiest character on the show. I know a lot of people think Regina and Ruby are the sexiest but Ruby is too thin and scrawny (though still sexy) and Regina isn't sexy at all and has a regular mother like figure. Anyway Emma has striking narrow eyes, a cute nose, nice lips, a stunning facial structure, a beautiful smile (when she actually smiles), and gorgeous hair. I prefer her hair when it's curly but she's still gorgeous with straight hair. People think she's plain and that Regina is gorgeous, I'm sorry but I don't get it. Now I Cinta Regina, she's grown on me and has become one of my kegemaran characters but she can't compare to Emma in the looks department. It's like comparing a super model (Emma) to an average lawyer mother type woman (Regina). Sorry, I'm stopping the Regina hate on this artikel now, man I'm one hateful person. Anyway, while she's gorgeous I find the other two lebih striking and I prefer her with her gorgeous curly locks.

2.Ruby/Little Red Riding-hood
anda all knew this was coming, she's high on everyone's senarai when it comes to beauty. It's kind of ironic because before I thought she was plainly pretty. But that was because in season one she wore too much make-up, had ridiculous hair styles, and dressed like a hooker. However as Little Red she was gorgeous, plus later on in the season she got a little lebih natural. In season two she was always gorgeous and so natural looking. She has gorgeous hair, an incredible smile, great lips, a cute nose, stunning eyes, and striking features. She's also really sexy but not the sexiest woman on the show, she's too thin. She would've been the most beautiful if it weren't for one little beauty.


There is no doubt about it that Ariel is the most beautiful character on the entire show, no one even comes close. Yes, she's my kegemaran character but I knew Joanna Garcia before she was Ariel. I knew her when she was blonde and on Reba, one of my kegemaran shows. She's absolutely GORGEOUS! I absolutely Cinta her red hair, I'm a real sucker for them redheads. She also has an amazing smile, a cute nose, beautiful eyes, nice lips, and pretty sexy, especially considering not that long lalu Joanna had a baby. I was sad before she appeared on the tunjuk because no one payed much attention to her looks and didn't find her that pretty but now they think she's gorgeous so I'm happy. Joanna was the perfect person to play Ariel, I couldn't imagine anymore lebih perfect to play Ariel. She looks like a super model! The only women lebih beautiful than Joanna are Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and Miley Cyrus. I hope we get to see lebih of her.!