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This Once Upon A Time foto might contain pakaian koktel, sarung, keris, polonaise, and kirtle.

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Got board decided to write a little fanfiction. I did post this on fanfic.net too so if anda see it there, just know it wasn't stolen from me nor did I steal it from someone else.
This fanfic takes place sometime after Regina, Emma, and the others arrive in Neverland. It starts out after they managed to locate Peter Pan.

“Do anda want him back that badly? So badly enough that you’d be willing to do anything for to get him back?” Peter asked motioning to very displeased looking Henry.
“Yes. I’ll do anything anda ask exchange for my son’s selamat, peti deposit keselamatan return.” Regina nodded.
“Anything at all?”...
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posted by minervadawn
One of the reasons I Cinta OUAT is because its basically just one really screwed up family. Nearly all the main characters are related in some way at this point. While I was putting together their family pokok I thought of something that would make it even better.

All we need is for two theories to be confirmed.

Theory #1: Eva and Cora are sisters. This would explain why Cora was so familiar with eva at her funeral.

Theory #2: Gina is Rumple's illegitimate daughter with Cora, unbeknownst to him. We know Rumps and Cora were in some sort of relationship so this isn't impossible.

We know so little about Cora at this point that its quite possible that one atau both of these could be true and if they were the OUAT family pokok would be come a circle.
 Eternal b*tch face
Eternal b*tch face
This may include spoilers for those of anda who aren't caught up yet but anda should know that risk sejak now

It's no secret on this club that I can't stand Victoria (I refuse to call her Rapunzel) AT ALL! The only good things I can say about her is that she's good looking, I like her accent, and the actress is very talented. However, as a villain, she was a total waste of time because she did little to nothing. She wasn't intimidating AT ALL and just felt like some brat trying to have control over everything but looks really awkward and unconvincing as a legit threat. She felt lebih like a silly...
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Mirrors have always been closely associated with Regina, even before her debut as a character in Once through her Disney counterpart. But just because she's now apart from that part of herself doesn't mean that the mirrors are any less symbolic. That berkata I won't be talking much of her relationship with the magic mirror (aka Sidney) as my goal here is to address the symbolism of the mirrors.

Mirrors as Symbolism

The mirror thing started pretty early with Regina.

Back in season 1 Regina was probaby the character most seen in front of the mirror. And quite a number of times she would be holding...
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Granted pretty much everyone on this tunjuk is sympathetic but ya'll know I have a thing for Gina so I had to type this one up after realizing (because of an ask over on tumblr) I hadn't yet.

Regina was pretty much set up for failure...set up for it before even being conceived at that. Though her mother wanted what she thought was best for Regina (not letting her spend her life in poverty) she went about it all wrong and ended up making her miserable. All Regina really ever wanted was her lover, someone who cared for her. She started out as such a sweet girl and she went out of her way to rescue...
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