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 Regina Mills - Colour Illuminates Series
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Colour Illuminates Series Regina Mills
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regina mills
the evil Queen
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Okay, so I think my bahagian, atas 5 villains are all quite psychotic atau HAVE BEEN at some point in their lives. I'm going to rank all 5 of them out of 10 of how evil I think they were during their darkest times.

1. Regina as the Evil Queen during her big bad rein: 8/10
I gave her 8 out of 10 because she was pretty evil, no kidding. She slaughtered villages, ripped out hearts, tore families apart and trapped people in her istana, castle who had done nothing wrong. But now, she obviously isn't like that. The 8/10 was purely based on what she USED to be like.
2. Cora during the first part of season 2 as the main...
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There are so many gorgeous woman in OUaT and that is what makes a senarai like this so hard. Each and every woman on this has something that makes her stand out from the crowd but here are the woman that stand out even among them. They are the ones that while watching I find myself thinking "I want what she's got"

7. Jack

The moment I say Jack in the promo for "Tiny" I though "wow she is pretty". First off she is fit as perfect in size and shape as a woman can be. Also I Cinta her hair and her smile. She really embodies the girl seterusnya door type of good looks an ordinary beauty that really stands...
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