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I couldnt stop thinking about him! I forgot that he was going to call and i fell asleep. When i woke up i had 9 missed calls from him. I was just about to return the call when my phone started ringing. I answered it and berkata "Hello?"
"Hello beautiful"
Oooh My!!
"How are you" He asked me
" Tired. But now im talking to you.I still have your hoodie your gonna have to come and see me if anda want it back."
"Do anda think that the hoodie is the only reason i would see anda again?"
"Okay, anda got me. So when will i see you?"
"I'll be round in 2 hours. We're all going shopping"
"ooh, and whos "we"?"
" Well me, the boys, the boys girlfriends, the bands friends, Louis' sister ya know...the usual"
"okay, see anda soon babe"
"Bye baby" he made a kissy noise and hung up.

2 hours later

I ran downstairs in my purple converse, skinny jeans and harrys hoodie.
" And where do anda think anda are going missy?"Damn, i forgot about her!
"umm...Out with friends." I reached for the door handle
"Be back for 10 Baby" Thats what harry calls me
I ran outside and Harry was leaning against the wall. He was smiling but his mouth was closed. I loved his little dimples!
I kissed him and pulled him along.
We met up with everybody else in the city centre.
Amy and louis couldnt keep their hands off eachother. Ciuman and hugging.
I couldnt see rebecca and niall. Ahh well. Liam came over to me straight away. " Hi"
"Hi Liam"
"How are you?" He offered me a piece of gum. I took it and berkata " Im fine. ya know Hannah really likes you. I think anda should ask her out"
"What? How did anda know?"
"Oh im sorry. Harry told me" he looked really angry.
"You need to know that im not into her"
"Liam its okay. Listen dont beat up harry about it, I was the one asking him all the questions"
His fists were clenched. "Yeah sure" He stormed off
"LIAM" I shouted after him
Harry came over to me " Whats wrong?"
" Liam got all upset because i told he should ask Hannah out and....."
"What? anda told him that? Are anda stupid?" I'd never seen him like this.
" Harry, Im sorry I....." He ran off after Liam. I didnt know what to do. I walked the opposite way, past everyone else.
Louis ran past me with Amy on his back. "Wait" Amy Told louis.
She jumped off his back and came over to me " Where are anda going?"
"I have to get out of here" I ran. I left amy standing beside louis .
I wandered off into London I didnt know my way.

7 Hours later. It was raining again. I was freezing cold. Just walking through a place that i didnt know. Its 11:30.
I began to walk up a dark street. I was half way up when i heard mens voices behind me.
" Come down here baby, we can have some fun" They were all laughing. I ran. I thought i Lost they and stopped to catch my breath. One of them lifted me up and carried me over tp the rest of them "NO...PUT ME DOWN NOW" I was Screaming. I kicked him where it hurts and he let go of me....i whacked my head.... everything went blurry................................................To be continued
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Kirsty then came on stage, dragging a angry looking Niall.

I was in such a good mood that i couldn't care less what kirsty had to say.
I could see Niall trying to pull away from Kirsty but she had a good grip.
Everyone gave out a gasp.
"Yes me" Kirsty grinned, leaning in for a kiss.
"NO NOT YOU!" Niall shouted.
"WHOS THE LUCKY LADY?"The dj said.
"Jess" Niall beamed.
Everyone in my group cheered.
"Come om up Jess" the DJ announced.
Oh my god i really didnt want to go onto the stage but Eloise+Tracy were pushing me onto it.
They finally got me onto the stage and i felt...
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