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Harry, louis and zayn ran upstairs.

“man what happened? We heard roaring.” Zayn said.

“it’s hayley’s gang – they’ve got leah. They have a gun up to her head right now and if I don’t do what they say, they’ll shoot her.” I said, trembling with fear.

“WHAT?!” they roared.

“and I have to meet niall in the alleyway if I want leah to live.” I told them, shakily.

“we’ll come man. In case anda need back-up.” louis said.
“no anda cant. He berkata I have to come alone.” I trembled.

Harry kicked the dinding in anger.

“harry man it will be ok. Niall will save her.” Zayn patted him on the back.

“I was supposed to look after her. I promised mum before she left.” Harry cried.

“harry its not your fault.” Louis said.
I looked at my watch. I had only 15 minit left to get to the alleyway.

“guys I’ve got to go now.” I said.
They nodded and I ran out the door and to the alleyway. There was no on there.

5 minit later, ryan appreared with leah in his arms. Her eyes widened with joy when she saw me.

“Niall!” she screamed.

I went to run over to her but I was stopped sejak three members of hayleys gang. I backed away but then bumped into three lebih members of her gang. They surrounded me and one of them hit me in the gut. I bent over in pain.

“NIALL!” leah screamed but ryan put his hand over her mouth.

Leah’s P.O.V:

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw hayley’s gang hurt niall. I couldn’t do anything about because ryan was holding me with my hands behind my back.

“now for the grand finale.” Ryan berkata with an evil smirk.

He handed me to another member of hayleys gang, luke. luke covered my mouth with his hand to stop me screaming. Ryan pulled out a gun and pointed it to niall’s head.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I bit down on luke’s hand and he started to bleed.

“AHHH! THAT jalang, perempuan jalang JUST BIT ME!” luke roared.
I smiled to myself.

Hayley’s gang pushed niall to his knees and ryan was just about to shoot him.

“ryan don’t do it! Please!” I pleaded.
“why shouldn’t I babe?” he asked.
“because I’m the one anda want.” I said, bravely.

“but I Cinta anda babe.” He turned to face me while Hayley stood beside him.

“I’m sorry ryan I don’t Cinta you. I Cinta niall.” I told him.
“NEVER!” he roared. He was just about to shoot niall when Hayley grabbed the gun off him.

“what the hell?” ryan asked aggravated.
Hayley ignored him and turned to me.

“any last words?” she smirked.

“i-i-I Cinta anda niall.” I berkata with tears in my eyes.

“NO LEAH!” niall roared.

Hayley pulled the trigger on the gun and I fell to the ground.

Niall’s P.O.V:

“LEAH!” I roared as tears streamed down my face.

Leah lay on the ground in a pool of her own blood.

“what the hell did anda do that for?” ryan roared at Hayley.
“she deserves to die!” Hayley snarled before storming off.
They let go of me and I scampered over to leah.

She was feezing cold and wasn’t barley breathing. I quickly took out my phone and called the ambulance.

“how would anda like us to help anda sir?” the man on the phone asked.


“don’t worry sir we’ll be there as fast as we can.” The man said.

I hung up the phone and bent down beside leah.

Amanda’s P.O.V:

Me, kate and lois were just on our way utama from a lovely hari at the spa. Well, me and lois did anyways. Kate just ditched us.

“you better tell harry and the boys that we had a lovely time atau else they’ll make us do this again.” Kate berkata on our way home.

Me and lois nodded.

We passed an alley-way on our way home. There was two people in there and one was surrounded sejak a pool of blood.

Wait a second.... That was NIALL AND LEAH! I ran over to see what happened.

“niall what happened?” I screamed.
“leah just got shot in the head.” He turned to face me.

He had marks on his face and arms but nothing too serious. He was crying also.

“WHAT?!!?!? HOW?!?!?!?” me and lois roared.
“h-h-hayley shot her.” Niall stammered.
“but why?” lois asked.

“I’m hungry.” Kate announced as she headed home.
“it’s all my fault. Ryan was about to shoot me but leah stopped him and then Hayley grabbed the gun and shot leah instead.” Niall was freaking out.

The ambulans came two minit later.

Niall went into the ambulans with leah and headed off. Me and lois took the bus.

Kate’s P.O.V:

I got utama and the boys were waiting anxiously sejak the door.
“where’s leah and niall?” harry roared.

“leah and niall have gone to hospital.” I said.
“WHAT! WHY?” louis roared.

“something about leah getting shot in the head. Nothing too serious.” I berkata calmly.

“WHAT? OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!” harry shook his head and him, louis and zayn ran out the door.

Harry came running back into the house.

“I forgot my car keys.” Harry said.
“where are anda going?” I asked.

“to the hospital! Where do anda think?” harry berkata as he ran out the door.

“wait! I’m hungry!” I berkata but he had already left.

feeeeedback plz?????
 i'll take the bullet sejak Leah horan!!!:Dxxx
i'll take the bullet by Leah horan!!!:Dxxx
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