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posted by Hannah_Filbert
Fanfic: Everything About You
By: Alison
*Chap 5:
Candance's POV:
I take the girl to Zayn's room and knock on his door,"Zayn! She's here!"
"Thank anda so much,"she smiles at me but I don't smile back. I can't trust this girl! She's okay but she's totally not Zayn's type. As I'm thinking about her and Zayn, I hear the door opened.
"What took anda so long?" that girl asks. What took him so long is not her business. Why does she care?! She's so annoying!
"I was sleeping" Zayn yawns.
"Oh so anda should go back to sleep. I'll just go utama with this stupid suitcase of yours" she says and walks away but Zayn grabs her hand and pulls her inside of the room then closes the door?! I cannot believe that he closed the door in front of my face! Urgh! What's so special about that girl?! I bite my lip to stop the anger then walk to my room. I just walk pass Harry's room and he immerdiately grabs my hand and pulls me inside.
"Candance, help me!"
"What?" I ask and turn around to close the door.
"Amy's calling!" he says, giving me his phone.
"Why don't anda answer it yourself?" I ask.
"You answer it! She's gonna get mad at me! You're not one of us so please answer!" he begs. I roll my eyes then grabs the phone from him and sits down on the edge of his bed. I take a deep breath and slide my finger across the screen to answer,"Hello?"
"Who's this?" she asks.
"I'm Harry's cousin. He's not here right now so..."
"Where are the boys?! I'm waiting for them at the airport! They have to be here right now! We're late for the concerts!"
"Erm..." I don't know what to say so I turn to Harry. He whispers,"tell her"
"Tell what?!" I whisper back.
"What Louis told us"
"Oh, okay..." I nod and try to remember what Louis said. Oh got it! "Actually, there are some problems at the airport and they accidently put us on the wrong flight. Now we're in the middle of nowhere"
I look at Harry to ask if it's okay. He smiles and gives me a thumb up.
"What?!" she screams into my ear. "Where are you? I'll flight there to pick anda up!"
"Erm...we don't even know where we are...erm...I asked the people here but they speak with a very weird language..." I lie. I'm always a good liar.
"Give the phone to them. I can speak a lot of languages"
"What to do now?!" I whisper to Harry and he quickly grabs the phone then turns it off. We both breathe heavily like we just went running.
"That was close" I laugh.
"Yeah" he laughs then he looks very serious again,"are anda okay?"
"What do anda mean?" I look at him.
"I saw that look when anda walked pass my room" he takes my hand.
"That girl is here with Zayn" I frown.
"Aww" Harry wraps his arm around me and smiles,"Poor little innocent Candy"
Usually I'd hit him everytime he called me Kandi but now I'm not in the mood. He quickly realizes it so he changes the subject,"wanna go to the pantai with me?"
"Yeah, come on. I don't want to go alone" he says and he doesn't even wait for me to answer. He grabs my hand and pulls me outside. Zayn is standing outside of his room, looking at the door.
"She's gone?" Harry asks.
"Yep, I thought that witch wouldn't go away" Zayn smiles and I'm screaming happily inside.
"But she would come back" he laughs. My hati, tengah-tengah falls into pieces again!
"What?! Why?!" I ask.
"I keep her notebook. I don't know what she has in there but it probably has her secrets" Zayn says, laughing again.
"If anda hate her why do anda want to see her again?!" I say, nearly yelling at him.
"Well, I hate her, I just...Hey! Hey! Where are anda going?!" I hear him calling after me but I just ignore and walk out of the house. I'm not gonna lose Zayn to that girl! I will fight for him! This is war!
Niall's POV:
I listen to her story and I can't believe that her boyfriend...I mean...ex boyfriend is so mean! How could he do that to a girl?! I would never do anything like that! Poor her.
"Don't worry. Everything will be better" I tell her,"you'll find someone else"
"Nah, I'm done with boys but thanks anyway" she smiles at me.
We sit there and watch the waves hitting the pantai then it comes back to me. I tell her,"I was dumped once"
She turns to me and gives me a look, it's like she doens't believe me. I laugh,"really. I'm not lying. It was before I'm famous.I even wrote a song for her"
"Really? anda wrote a song for her?" she asks and I nod my head proudly. She shakes her head,"that stupid girl. If I was her I wouldn't leave you"
"Yeah..." I smile at the ground then I quickly stand up,"let's go to our house"
"What?" she asks.
"Do anda want to hear that song? I have a gitar in the house. I can play it for you"
"But I have a lot of things to do"
"Don't worry. I'll help you" I tell her and without waiting for her to answer. I grab her hand and pull her with me. She laughs but just follows me anyway. I wonder if the boys are in still there. If they see me bringing back a girl they'll make fun of me. But...she's just a friend. There's nothing wrong right? Right.
Louis' POV:
Sara and I are both very tired. We've taken Lost of pictures and now we're on our way back to the house. Suddenly, a girl runs into me and she falls onto the ground. I quickly run to her and help her up.
"Are anda okay?" I ask.
"I'm fine" she wipes her clothes and looks up at me. Oh my god! It's Kennie!
"Louis?" she asks me. "It's you!"
"Kennie! Wow, it's been so long!" I hug her.
"Yeah," she pulls away,"how are you?"
"I'm great. You?"
"Perfect. I'm very surprised to see anda here. Aren't anda supposed to be in London now?" she asks but I just shake my head,"long story, I'll tell anda another time"
She nods her head then she turns to Sara,"and this is?"
"Oh, this is Sara. She's my girlfriend" I say, holding Sara's hand.
"Nice to meet you" Sara smiles and Kennie smiles back. Then she turns to me,"I should go now. Take to anda another time, Lou"
"Yeah, see ya" I say and watch her running away.
Zayn's POV:
Harry told me to follow Candance so I did. I'm running everywhere and I catch her sitting sejak the pool. I walk to where she's sitting and sit down seterusnya to her.
"Why are anda here?" she asks.
"Why are anda mad at me?" I ask her.
"I'm not..."
"You are. Even now anda are still mad at me. I don't even know why!" I roll my eyes and she just looks at me,"you really don't know?!"
I nod my head. Girls are so unpreddictable!
"You like that girl, don't you?" she mumbles, not even looking at me.
"Who?" I ask and suddenly I think of that witch,"Halley?"
Candance nods. I can't help it anymore. I just have to laugh.
"That is the funniest thing I've ever heard!" I say, laughing out loud. She raises her eyebrow,"so anda don't like her?"
"I hate her so much! How can I like her?!" I smile. Candance just nods her head and gives me a small smile then she looks down at her lap again.
"Um...there's something I need to tell you..." she says quietly.
"What's that?" I ask.
"Um...Zayn...I...I really like you..."
What?! She likes me?! That's why she's been Berlakon so weird!
"You do?" I ask, surprised. She jawapan me with a nod.
"Look Candance. I...I like anda too but...only like a're Harry's cousin so I never thought know...we...going out and stuff" I try to explain to her. I hope I don't break her heart. I really just see her as my sister.
"Oh, okay"
"Okay?" I'm surprised.
"I understand that anda need lebih time," she nod her head. Oh no, she gets it wrong!
"No, Candance, what I'm trying to say that we can only be friends" I tell her but she just smiles,"I don't care if anda don't like me. I will change your mind. I will make anda see my feelings"
"No..." I say but she doesn't care, she just stands up and runs away.
"Candance!" I call after her but she's already gone so far. Great! Just great! What am I supposed to do now?!
Alison's POV:
I wake up and look at the clock on the wall. It's 6pm already?! I slowly grab my phone and see one missed call from Rosy. I quickly rub my eyes and press her number to call her back.
"Hello?" she answers.
"Rosy? Sorry I was sleeping so I didn't know anda called.
"It's okay. Guess what?"
"What?" I ask but I already know what that is.
"I'm going to your place tomorrow!"
"No way!" I scream through the phone like a crazy person.
"Yes way!" she screams back.
"Oh my god! Your mom lets anda go?!"
"Yep!" she laughs,"I had to make a promise to do the chores for a whole tahun but it's totally worth it!"
"That's great" I squeal. "When will anda arrive?"
"I'll go tomorrow morning"
"What?" I ask,"so soon?"
"Yeah, I cannot wait to see you!" she laughs.
"Me too!" I reply. Suddenly, I hear aunt Clara's voice from downstairs,"Alison! makan malam, majlis makan malam time!"
"Okay! I'll be right down there!" I shout back and go back on the phone,"Hello? Ros, I gotta go now. See anda tomorrow, k!"
"K, sweet dreams!"
"Thanks, anda too" I smile and end the call then I toss my phone and the katil and quickly run downstairs for dinner.
( to be continue ) ...
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