"Run! She's getting away..." Elizabeth ran as fast she could running into the woods. She ducked down behind a bush. "I see here!" one of the police man yelled going down the hill. She ran farther father down the bukit until it was flat ground.
She keep running until she couldn't hear atau see them anymore. She dunked down behind a rock when she heard a some boys coming behind the rock.
"This seems like a good place!" One of the boys berkata in a accent. Elizabeth sat down quietly putting her knees to her chest. "I hope there is no bears out here." one of them berkata making menanggung, bear noises.
"Shut up Zayn!" One berkata starting a fire. After a couple of minit Elizabeth turned around and stuck her head out from behind the rock. One of the boys must have spotted her. "What was that?" a boy stood up and looked very slowly behind the rock. She froze there and he saw her. "Who are you?" He berkata with his accent shacking his head and making hid=s curls flip back and forth.
"Stop that girl!" They all looked and saw a team of cops running with guns. "No!" Elizabeth ran down into the woods. "Wait stop please!" the curly haired boy scream while chasing after her and his Friends after him. She got to a huge river and the boy caught up to her. She grabbed his arm and jumped the big river without touching the water. "How did anda do that?!" he berkata looking at the river. "I will explain later right now we have to run." They ran farther and farther from the cops and his Friends and sat down at a lake with a water fall right sejak it.
"We should be selamat, peti deposit keselamatan here for awhile" She berkata getting lebih water into her jug. "Why are they chasing you?" She looked up at him and scooted closer. "I can't tell you...I'm sorry but...I just can't." He looked down at his feet and then back at her, "Can anda tell me your name?" She smiled. "Elizabeth Cane" she stuck out her hand and he shook it. "Harry Styles" He berkata smiling. "Oh I have heard of you! anda have a band atau something?" he laughed. "Yes.." "Oh my god! I am sitting seterusnya to Harry Styles! Ahh....No" she had a straight face on and he was smiling. "I am getting the vibe that anda know nothing about us..?" He berkata laughing and she still had a straight face. "No...Why should I? anda are humans that can sing everyone can sing see... anda shoot me down but I won't fall I am titanium!!" She sang to him. "Well...Yes but some don't sing as good as me and you.." She was smiling "Are anda trying to make me blush?" "Yes.." he laughed and she did too. "Well it will take lebih then the Curls" "Curls?" She stood up and put her backpack on a rock. "Yelp....That's your name!" "Oh is it ponytail?" He picked her up and threw her into the water. He jumped in after. They berkata in the water for a bit and then got out.
"I better go get our dinner..." She berkata standing up. "You?" He laughed and she pushed him back into the water. "Yes me!" "How can a GIRL hunt?" She walked over to him as he got out of the water. "Babe I can catch three deer in two minutes. What can anda catch in two minutes?" He looked down at his feet. "Berries..." "What was that?" She walked closer to him and made her ear face his direction. "Berries!" "Exactly..now I will be back later. Don't miss me to much." She walked out and came back ten minit later with a backpack full of sticks and leaves and she was carrying a forty pound hog deer. "Wow!" she threw the backpack at him. "Make a api, kebakaran please?" he picked up the sticks and started a api, kebakaran and she skinned the deer. After it was cooked the started to eat it.
"How do anda know how to do this?" "I just do." She looked sad and she started eating but didn't finish it. She put the meat in a to-go container and pulled out a bag of berries. "I found these coming back..." "Are they poisonous?" She was eyeing the berries. "Nope!" "How do anda know?" She popped a hand full in her mouth. "I just do!" He took the bag and took some out and threw them in the air and tried to catch it with his mouth, but failed. She did the same and caught it four times in a row and then dropped one into the water.
He looked at her amazed. "Watch.." she threw three berries in the air at three different times and three different places. She caught all three. His mouth opened and his face was in shock. "How? What? I...." He berkata and he closed his mouth. "I am tired so I am going to get my sleeping bag." She walked over to her bag and got the sleeping bag. "I only have! I wasn't expecting company...We could....share?" He smiled and she laid down sejak him. "I might snore..." He berkata laughing "Okay I alih a lot so we will be even sejak morning!" The laid back and he faced one way and she faced the other. "Night.." She berkata and closed her eyes "Night" He berkata and closed his eyes.