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posted by GabriellaAdams
Anna's POV:
3 months later.
Being a mom wasn't to easy,but Amber didn't go to class like the rest of us so she was like Ronnies 2nd mom.I looked in the mirror a few times and didnt like what I saw,so in my spare time I'd go to the gym.Then for the few hours of my day,I'd be with Ronnie and Zayn.She had opened her eyes a few days after she was born.She had blue eyes,Like my mom had.
She such a little angel,But she would constantly make noise and laugh for no reason.It made me smile at 1st but then I got a headache.we found a way to keep her quite,All anda had to do was hold her upside down,When you'd do that she'd laugh and giggled then you'd flip her back up and she'd just smile.I wanted to put her in pagnents but never found the time to.She was my blessing and I wanted to tunjuk the whole world.Zayn didn't want her in pagnents,He was protective of her.It was picture perfect family.
Ambers POV:
The months flew right on by.
I was mostly utama with baby Ronnie.Sometimes I wished I had a baby of my own but I was still a virgin.We never had a honey moon.Me and Louie never took it that far,One time we were close but it didn't happen.I did talk to him about having a baby.
"Hey,I'm back,The guys went grocery shopping."Anna walked in the living room.
"Are anda going to the gym?"
"Anna,I have a probelm."
She sat seterusnya to me,then She took Ronnie from me.
"Yea,What's wrong?"
"It's been a few months with Louie and I'm still a virgin."
"Okay.."She laughed.
"Really,It's a probelm,I wanna baby to."
"Okay,I was nervous to when I...well yea with Zayn,It was before the wedding,I think it was on my birthday."
"Tell me!"I whinnied.
"The 1st time I seen Zayn but naked was when we went skinny dipping at Sabine pools."
"That doesn't count."
"On my birthday,He went and took a pancuran, pancuran mandian and I tiptoed in,He smiled and undressed me."
"Ohhh!This is interesting!"
"I know."She laughed.
Ronnie giggled.
"She finds it interesting to."
"No,Bad baby."Anna joked.
Ronnie laughed.Then laughed then laughed.Anna flipped her upside down,She laughed.She flipped her back up,She got quite.
"Such a strange baby."I laughed.
"it was Harry that founded that out about her.He is so crazy,He had her whole foot in her mouth the other day.I told him to take it out and he nodded no.It was funny."
"Okay,More about the,You know."
"Just put in something sexy and be your self,Show ya junk.."
Harry walked in.
"Um..Oh!You tryin get some aren't you!?!"
"Oh my gosh."I laughed.
"Details,Girl details."He came and sat seterusnya to me.
"I don't have an details yet.It hasn't happened."I told him.
"Bitch please,There has to be some,I heard some grunts and moans and some mofo yelled Joe."
"Oh that was me,I was think about how Zayn looks like Joe Jonas.And yelled it on accidently and Zayn was like what the fuck so lied and berkata it was some type of fantasy,"
"okay that's weird as fuck.Joe Jonas is Ugly as fuck compared to Zayn,Okay?And lets be honest,Zayn looks like fucking sex god.And Louie he looks like happy go lucky peppy crack head."Harry laughed.
"then how did anda lose yours?"Amber asked.
"Girl,I don't remember,I was drunk as fuck.And in todays society losing your phones lebih dramatic.Anyway yall were having sex talk and anda didn't invite me?I outta perahu nelayan kecil, pukulan you."
"What's your Nasihat on it?"Amber asked.
"Well sure as hell don't listen to Anna.Shes only fucked Zayn from what I know.You gotta do the smoothie."
"What's that?"We asked him.
"God damn virgins,Dont know a damn thing.The smoothie,Is for people looking to get sincerely fucked up.You make a smoothie, bermulut manis and put a shit load of enchancers in it and give to yo man.He'll be begging for you."
"Then what we waiting around for let's make some fuckin smoothies!!"Anna's dragged me out the door.
"Lalala anda gonna get fucked today Lalala."She sang.
Harry put on the baby carrier and put Ronnie in.Then we took off to loveshack.
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