Niall POV:

I saw Liam run outside.
"What anda looking at?" Tiffany asked me. I looked at her then back at the door.
"Nothing...." We walked over to get some punch.
"Where's Amie?!" Jessie ran up to us. She looked like she had been running.
"I don't know.... What happened to you?!" Tiffany asked laughing.
"Long story!" She was still out of breath. She grabbed a cup of punch and chugged it down.
"I saw Liam run outside and where is Louis?" I said/asked.
"I don't know when we where getting chased I Lost 'em!" I couldn't help but laugh.
"You got chased?!"
"Yeah! I am going to look outside for Liam!" She turned around and ran off.

Jessie POV:

Me, Louis, Hannah, and Zayn where all hanging out outside... sejak the pond.... When a sauna-mi of girls started running to run. We jumped up and started to run off.
"This is why I don't wear heels!" Hannah screamed. I laughed. I got perpecahan, berpecah up when some girl grabbed my dress and made me fall. I blacked out and then woke up in the same place but nobody was there. I could still hear the Muzik from the dance so I ran there. When I walked in I didn't see Amie, Damien, atau Liam. I was started to get worried. So that's what happened!

I walked outside and saw Damien and Amie making out.
"Found 'em!" I whispered to myself. I walked around the block trying to find the others. I saw Hannah on the ground.
"Hanna!" I ran over to her. She was bleeding on her head. I torn a piece of clothe off my dress and dabbed the blood. I sat there holding the clothe to her cut. I couldn't call anyone because my phone got smashed when I fell on my head. I saw someone walking passed us on the other side of the street.
"Please! Stop! I need help!" I yelled at him. He looked at me then keep on walking. "Please!" I yelled I set Hannah on the ground and ran over to the person. "Please! I need your help my friend fell and she is bleeding!" He turned around I couldn't see who it was but I could tell it was a boy. "Please sir!" I begged. He sighed and took out his phone.

"Fine!" I new that voice.. from somewhere, but...Where? He gave me the phone and I took it. He had a IPhone. When I unlocked it the picture was a little girl.... Courtney.
"John?" I asked. I dialed 911. I told them about Hannah and they where on there way.
"Yeah?" He asked unsure.
"Jessie! Its....Its Jessie!" I was a little scared last time I saw John he..... rapped me... I gave him his phone and ran back to Hannah. I sat there in shock.

Five years lalu I was sitting in my room looking at a Teen magazine, when someone grabbed my foot and dragged me off the bed. I was utama alone. I started screaming then I felt someone Ciuman my neck. I started laughing.
"John! anda scared the baloney out of me!" He looked me confused. "What? I had a baloney sandwich, sandwic earlier!" He kissed me again and put his had on my breast. I was very uncomfortable I told him to alih his hand but he wouldn't. I ran out the room and he caught me and pushed me down. I started screaming and we tore off my close and rapped me on the hallway floor. He did it for an jam then I heard the front door open. He ran out threw my window. We decided to alih after that. He went to prison for 3 years and when he got out his parents sent him to Afghanistan for the war and now he is back I guess... but wait... why was is he here?

I sat down near Hannah and put her head on my lap and held the cloth up. There ways blood all over it and so still dripping out her head. I heard the ambulans coming. I had tears all down my face.
"It will be alright!" A bunch of doctors jumped out the ambulans car. "It will be alright!" Somebody put a blanket on me. I was shivering in fear. They put Hannah on a stretcher and put her in the car. The cops brought me to the hospital.

"Alright anda are fine anda just hit your head and have a few bruises....." I was in a room I don't know how I got there but I was there. The doctor opened a cabinet and took out a medicine container thing. "You need to take two of these every morning and night." She handed me the bottle and I was about to walk out.
"Excuse me but do anda know where my friend is?" She nodded. "Room 203" I walked all around looking for it. I passed up a doctor. "Hello can anda help me I am looking for room 203...." She pointed down the hall. Found it. I walked in and saw the other sitting down.
"Jessie!" Louis ran up to me and hugged me. I never took my eyes off of Hannah. She looks worse then she did earlier. Zayn was holding her hands. I saw tears running down his face..I have never seen him cry...EVER. I let go of Louis and sat down near Hannah. A nurse walked in, "Hello are anda Jessica? Jessica Lloyd?" I nodded. "You did the right thing with the clothe.....How did anda know to do that?" I shook my head, "I don't know I just did it..."
"Well your friend will be alright... Thanks to you" I smiled and looked at Hannah.

"When will she be awake?" Zayn asked.
"She should be awake in a jam atau so. anda are welcome to go to the cafeteria atau game room, If anda would like!" The nurse left the room. We all went to eat except for Zayn. When we got back Hannah was just waking up.
"What happened?" She looked around the room. We all looked at Zayn and Louis.
"What did happen?" I asked. Zayn and Louis looked at each other.
"Well..." Louis began. "After anda got Lost I turned a corner and found a store and....."
"Oh my god!" Hannah screamed.
"What?!" I screamed.
" are One Direction! Ahhh!!!" The nurse walked in.
"What happened? Are anda okay?" Zayn let go of her hand and backed away.

"She doesn't remember us," Harry said.
"Of course I do! anda are the most popular boy band in the world! One Direction... right?" I couldn't talk.
The nurse walked out the room and some other doctors came. They took her to a cat-scan room. A jam later they came out.

The nurse looked at the lapor as the other doctors brought her back to her room. We all stood up.
"We took a scan and she has.... amnesia..."