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(A/N Hey,hey,hey. Kay,so I've been doing some thinking. Maybe I have the slightest idea of what
to do. Don't hate me for this part. I get dramatic when I want to. Haha.)

I glanced at the boys,no Harry,"Can-can we go
see him now?"

"We don't know if you'll be able to..handle it. He's awake now" Liam responded

Well,it's been 4 days. Last time the boys went,the nurse berkata Harry was in a coma. That just was worse. I couldn't handle knowing I wasn't there
like he was when I got stabbed. He stepped in
the room the minit I woke up. But no. The boys berkata it would be too much and that I'd probably have a meltdown
right there on the spot,just looking at him.

"I need to see him,please." I pleaded

Louis sighed,"Hanna Lloyd,just promise anda won't
do something you'll regret later."

My bottom lip quivered,"Okay"

~Zayn and Niall stood up. Liam sighed,taking my
arm,and leading me towards the car. I whimpered
as I stepped in the car,staring at the usual kerusi, tempat duduk
Harry and I sat at. Zayn and Niall exchanged glances before patting the kerusi, tempat duduk between them. I sat between them,almost feeling dreadful for wanting to see Harry. Maybe if he sees me,he won't want to see me. Okay,I need to stop thinking like this already. It could really effect Harry. I don't want him feeling worse than he already does.

"We're here" Liam berkata quietly,loud enough for me to hear

Niall and Zayn stepped out of the car,watching as I stepped out as well. I almost froze,watching all the papparazzi turn to us. Louis speed walked towards me,grabbing my arm,and zig-zagging through the crowd of fans. We reached the door. I gaped as I stepped through the automatic stepping doors. Liam,Zayn,and Niall caught up with us.

"Go with Lou,Hanna. Don't do anything you'll regret,please. We'll catch up with you" Liam instructed

Louis instantly took me towards the lift. We both went in. He pressed the 3rd floor button. I shuttered as we both stepped out,already had been lifted towards the 3rd floor.

"Hanna,we don't want anda to have a melt down in there. It will make Harry feel worse. He's been wanting to see you,but he didn't want anda to see him just yet." Louis pushed back a piece of my hair behind my ear.

I shivered at the warm touch of his fingers,"Okay" I whispered,barely audible.

Louis and I stepped into room 313. My kegemaran number. 13.

"Hanna?" Harry croaked

I felt my hati, tengah-tengah break into teeny,tiny pieces,"Harry!" I ran over to his bed,my hands gripping the blankets on the hospital katil as I felt an urge to just jump at him and press my lips against his soft lips.

"I missed anda so much" Harry whispered,his arms extended

"I missed anda so much,too" I grasped Harry's hospital thing. I really didn't pay attention to what they were called. Because anda only live once. Life is too short to worry about things that are not important. Harry was important to me.

Harry pat the spot,right seterusnya to him in the hospital bed,"Come here"

My bottom lip quivered,"Okay" I climbed in,cuddling up to him as I went into the katil ~

"Hanna,do anda want to go atau not?" Liam interuppted me from my little thing.

I knew that's not even the way it will go. He'll be so pissed with me. He'll probably even call it off. I couldn't stand even thinking about it.

"Yeah,I'm sorry. Let's go" I stood up from the couch. My knees grew weak. I immediately fell to the floor. I buried my face in my hands.

Louis ran over,pulling me up. He carried me towards the car. I whimpered as he put me in the usual spot Harry and I sat at. Zayn's eyes widened,he picked me up,putting me on his lap. I grasped his baju in my hand. Niall sighed,glancing at me. His eyes having a shine of sorrow. Louis glanced back once in a while,looking at me. Liam was on his Twitter. I instantly decided to go on Twitter. I had 2 tweets that stood out.

@Hanna1DLloyd Sorry about Harry. U both are adorbs together. no one wants u 2gether becuz that's just how perfect u r :) Jealous of ur beauty,hun'

@Hanna1DLloyd Oi,Hanna. Harry and U are the most perfect couple. Ppl be hating because ur beautiful. Everyone would die to have Harry Styles as their boyfriend..And I just want anda 2 happy

A tiny smile creeped onto my face. I put my phone away,smiling.

"We're here" Liam whispered

We all headed out,trudging past the fans. I shivered a bit as the cold A/C whipped against my face. Louis' hand brushed against my elbow. I winced again,his warm touch giving me angsa bumps. Louis took me towards the lift. Pushing the 3rd floor button. We stepped out as we reached our destination. Lou waved a hand in the air,instructing me to follow him. I stepped inside towards the room. There were two patients in here. One of them had to be Harry. The beds were covered sejak a curtain,hanging from the roof. I heard a dead line beep.

"No" I whispered under my breath,retreating back towards the lift.

Louis caught me in his arms as I tried running past him,"It's not his. Don't worry" He dragged me towards Harry's bed.We went past the curtain.

I saw Harry. Harry Styles. My boyfriend. I was so happy to see him. He looked happy. His smile was wide. His perfect dimples. His eyes sparkling,though he had dark circles under his eyes.

"Hanna" Harry smiled cheekily

I felt faint,"Harry"

"Your answer?" Harry asked quickly

"Yes" I rapidly answered,throwing myself towards Harry

He held me close to his body,even though he was in the bed,"Hanna Lloyd,I won't ever stop loving you. As long as anda Cinta me,I'll always be Harry Styles"

"I won't ever stop loving you,Styles" I shut my eyes,breathing in his minty scent. It made me feel home. Who knows why? Well,of course. I hated being utama with my damn parents. Being with Harry and Lou always made me feel better. There was nothing else that could make me happy like Harry does.
Ronnie's POV:
Rebecca and I were watching the boys tryout from under the bleachers of the foot ball field.I was thrilled with excitement because at any moment we could have been caught.
Rebecca was rather chilled out,as she watched them through a pair of binoculars.The boys were running around the field.
"Wheres Derek?"I asked.
"He's the last one."
Derek dragged behind the other guys,then he past one....then another,and another.
"Wait a second,He's not last he's overlapping them."
"Woah!Go..."I yelled.
"Shh are anda trying to get us expelled?"
"Oh,go derek."I wispered
"He'd be a good runner."she told...
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Deniesse's POV
Here I am again!

I look at my mom which is 3 seats away from me. She gave me a mad look. I turned to Zayn.
Zayn: Do anda mind if I'm going to ask anda Rawak questions?
Deniesse: No. why?
Zayn: I want to know anda more.

He cracks a smile that only heaven can make.
Deniesse: Okay. I will ask Rawak soalan to you, too.
Zayn: Sure thing. Uhmmm your full name..
Deniesse: Deniesse Marielle Alexander. Yours?
Zayn: Zayn Javaad Malik. errmm your nationality- I mean something like and american- italian.
Deniesse: I'm of Italian descent, half Sicilian, half Abruzzese.
Zayn Oh. I want to ask you...
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Via runs to the pantai and cries her hati, tengah-tengah out... She shouts while crying...
Via: "Why are anda doing this to me!"

More tears are now streaming down her face..

Via: I don't deserve this!!!

She stayed at the pantai for a long time .... she cried for hours.. She's been at the pantai for almost five hours...

The seterusnya day, Harry saw Via sitting on a hammock. Her eyes are red and puffy because of hours of crying.. Harry was about to approach her when Liam stopped him and said..
Liam: Don't, Harry..
Harry: Why do anda care? (mad)
Liam: Because she's not okay.. Her hati, tengah-tengah was broken three times throughout her life......
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Anna's POV:
I woke up on Tuesday to get ready to go class as usaul.
I had a beautiful dream where mom got to meet Zayn.
He sent me a txt:Good morning beautiful,I Cinta you<3.
I walked down stairs.She'd usually be watching the news.
"Courtney?"I yelled.
"I'm up here."she shouted back.
I went upstairs to her room.
"Whats wrong?Your always..."I didn't finsh my sentence.
There was a young man sitting with Courtney.
"Um..Who us this?"I asked.
She started to cry.
"He's my brother."she cried.
"Um..Can someone tell me what's happening?"
He stud up and shook my hand.
"I'm Matthew."he said.
He had Long black hair,Blue...
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posted by mehparty3
Gavin, David, and Spencer were in town for the week. I couldn’t WAIT to tell them the great news. I was going to meet them in front of the coffee kedai where I first told them that I had huge feelings for Niall. 2 and a half years later, here I am, telling them I’m engaged to him.
Niall kissed me goodbye, then I walked out my front door to go meet them. “Hey, Lilah-kins!” Gavin berkata once he saw me. “Hey!” I smiled, seeing David and Spencer too. We all sat down and chatted away. Spencer got a new girlfriend, Julia, while David broke up with his girlfriend, Emma. Gavin was, of course,...
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posted by Missprinceton1
harry; amy
me; yeah what
harry; can i talk to u
me; why
harry; just talk to u
me; i'll be back
i Ciuman nial on the cheek and go with harry
me; what ya wanna say to me
harry; i cant stand seein anda and nial together
me; why were in love
harry; no im in Cinta with you
i was shoked i had my eyes wide open at what he just said
me; sorry but i allready found happiness with nial
harry; can u find happiness with me
i walked away still shoked
zayn; why anda look so down
me; who me? im not
nial; whats wrong why anda sad
louis; amy... amy?
me; hmm
nial; harry what ya say to her?
harry; nothin
nial; then why after she came...
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It's been a bulan since the birth of Annabelle, and Louis and Eleanor had been working non-stop. I decided to jump in and give them a hand. "Hey guys, when's the last time you've had a date?" I asked them one day. "Um... couple of months, actually." Louis guessed, holding Annabelle. "Maybe anda guys should have a tarikh night," I suggested. Eleanor sighed. "I don't know, who'd babysit Annabelle?" she said. I coughed. "Um, hello?" I said, gesturing to myself with a giggle. "I'm a great babysitter. I used to babysit my neighbors Tyler and Aidan all the time."
Louis nodded. "I guess that would be...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Mileys P.O.V

i started balling in tears seeing the bullet i carefully took it out. i checked his hati, tengah-tengah beat. nothing i yellled for everybody to come. i unbuckled his baju and saw another gunshot in his chest. i fall to the ground shaking crying in tears everybody comes runnig down almost falling. they see the gunshot and fall down crying to. we all call the police and they investigate everything. "it cant end like this it cant" i say crying miley holding me. "why?" asks miley. "cus im im pregnant i wanted to tell him but he died when i was" i say ballng again. everybody turns in shock. i cry holding my tummy i cry lebih whne they pick harrys body up. i start hypervenilatng almost not breathing. everybody is hugging me tightly.
_________________2 years later______________

i was playing with darcy at the park. we were okay like we were with miley and the lads they all piched in every way they could.
posted by MadisonFontenot
Harry POV:

"Please?! Please?! Please?!" My little sister Ruby yelled.
"Yeah!" She berkata putting her brown wavy hair in a ponytail.
"Thanks! Now I am going to go pack!" She jumped off my katil and ran to her room. I laughed and started packing.

Jessie POV:

"Don't tell Harry!" I whispered to Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, Tiffany, Amie, and Hannah.
"We won't..." Louis said. We all left, got up, and packed. When we where all done we walked down stairs and saw Ruby and Harry wrestling. The sad thing was that Ruby was winning!
"Alright anda two! Let's go to America!" Niall yelled.
We all got into...
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Lillian's P.O.V's

Once everybody was up we went down stairs to the dapur to make our breakfast. We decided to make Pancakes. (hotcakes whatever anda call them in U.S)
" mix batter until lumps are gone." "I don't get it." Semra said.
"oh my gosh Semra! Just mix it then when anda think it's ready call me over." erica said. Erica loves cooking. She knows lot sbout cooking. That the one thing I don't really like about Erica, she takes over the cooking and then she'll tell anda what to do. It's annoying!

Once we poorest the batter in the frypan and ate the lempeng, penkek we decided to go out shopping at...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
(A/N Mikaela-Styles! This is for you,love! Hope anda like it! <3)

I giggled as we stepped towards the mall again,"I told anda we'd come back,Liam" I nudged him with my elbow,a smirk playing on my lips

"Pshh..I wanted to come" He started lying,not wanting to have been proven wrong.

Niall started jumping up and down,"LEEYUM!"

"What?" Zayn,Lou,Harry,and Liam berkata at the same time

I glanced at all of them,"What?"

"I....want.......FOOD" Niall whined

"Niall,you just ate Nando's" Daddy Direction responded

"THAT'S A LIE!" Niall exclaimed

I laughed lightly,"He ate Wando's"

Niall nodded,"What the girl said"...
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