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posted by LexisFaith
"Thank anda all so much for being so supportive through this tour!" Harry yells out into the screaming crowd for girls.

"You all are amazing!" Nialll laughs.

"See anda all seterusnya year!" I yell, waving widely, following my mates backstage where our own clothes are waiting.

"I can't believe it's over." Niall shakes his head.

"It's not all over, Lad." Louis laughs.

"No, I meant the tour." He rolls his eyes and pulls a granola bar out of his back pocket. That will hold him over until we get back to our dressing rooms where he will eat a bag of crisps. And then that will hold him over until we ca stop for real food.

"Well, now we have free time." Harry smiles. "Haven't had that in a long time."

"Yeah. I can go visit Perri." Zayn wags his eyes brows. I punch him in the arm and laugh.

"No one wants to visualize that, Mate." I tell him, buttoning my shirt.

"Well, I'm going to see El, Zayn is going to...see Perri, Harry is going utama to his mum, Niall is going to get food...what about anda Liam?" Louis asks.

I shrug. "I'm not sure." I put my snap back on over my buzzed hair. "I may go see my parents."

"What about that girl?" Harry asks, flipping his hair around then looking back towards me.

"What girl?" I throw my back pack over my shoulder and follow the boys out to the bus.

"That girl anda were suppose to go see." He tells me.

I'm still drawing a blank.

Louis rolls his eyes. "My God, Lad. The girl anda haven't seen in years. The one anda left behind! Alice atau something right?"

Then it all clicks. "Alex!"

"Yeah!" Harry smiles and nods.

"Oh my God." I perahu nelayan kecil, pukulan my head. "Alex."

"Yeah." Harry says again, nodding, but not smiling. "That's what we said."

"No, no." I sit down on the bus and lean my head against the window. "I mad a promise to her that as soon as I was old enough to go get her I would. I was suppose to go to her two years ago."

"Oi." Zayn sucks in air between his teeth. "That's bad."

"Yeah." I take my back pack off my shoulder and set it in the floor, My Batman key chain clanging against the metal part of the seat. "I'm a horrible friend."

"Nah." Louis sits down across from me. "You've had a busy life. She will understand. You've at least talked to her right?"

I don't look up.

"Okay, maybe anda are a horrible friend." He says.

"Louis, don't make him feel even worse." Niall shoves Lou's shoulder. "Why don't anda go see her now?"

"Now?" I look at my watch. "At 12 am."

"They are 6 hours behind. Plus the plane ride." He shrugs. "If it were me, I would."

"You know what." I stand up. "You're right."

I walk over to my closet and neatly fold all of my clothes into the suitcase that's stashed over head. Yeah. I fold them neatly. I can't wear wrinkled clothes. Not going to happen. I even neatly shove a tshirt in my backpack so I can change after the flight.

Zyan walks up and sits on my bunk "So, you're just going to fly too..."

"New York. And yeah, I am."

"And when anda get there?" He asks.

"Guess I will call her. Hopefully she will be able to pick me up." I walk over to the small cupboard and take my tooth brush, toothpaste, and deodorant.

"Do anda have her number?" Zayn. He's one of those guys that care but don't want anyone outside his little bulatan knowing. He is the "Bradford Bad Boi" after all.

"Unless she has changed it, yeah." I lay all my extras on top, and zip up my case.

"Hey, what is she like sejak the way?"

I smile. "I will tell ya in sec. Let me go tell Paul to make a route change.

"Louis did that for ya." He told me.

"Okay then." I clap my hands and take a kerusi, tempat duduk seterusnya to him. "She's got shoulder length, dirty blond hair. Green eyes. She's really sassy when she wants to be, but she's so caring. She's funny, and sarcastic, but knows when to be serious."

"So, in other words, she's Lou's long Lost twin?"

I burst out with laughter because let's face it. If her hair was brown and her eyes were blue, they would be the same person. "Guess so."

"But ya know, Lad," He starts "You haven't seen her in ten years. In that amount of time things change. People change."

My smile falls a bit. "Let's just hope she hasn't changed too much."

"Liam! Get your arse off this bus!" Harry calls from the front.

"Yeah! I'm starving!" Niall calls behind him.

"Guess this is where anda get off?" Zayn smiles.

"From the sounds of it, I guess so." I throw my bag back over my shoulder.

"Good luck." He claps my shoulder, but I pull him in for a hug anyway.

"Thanks, Mate."

After I exit the bus I hear Harry call for me and I turn around.

"Let us know when we can meet her!" He gives a thumbs up and cheeky grin before the bus door closes.

Freakin' Harry. I laugh and follow Paul inside.


After the 8 jam flight, all I wanted was to get off the plane, find Alex, and sleep in a bed. Any katil that didn't sit up straight. After baggage claim I headed into the loo to change my baju and put on a jacket. If I still had my hair it would be a mess. I check the time 4:45 pm. Perfect. I flip through my contacts and find Alex's number. I take a deep breath and hit send. It rings three times and just when I think she picked up, it get her voice mail. "Shit." I whisper. I give myself a few minit to calm down because right now I;m fixing to have a panic attack, and Paul didn't follow me off the plane. "You can do this." I tell myself and before I can think twice I hit send again.


I suck in a breath. This sounds nothing like Alex. But this isn't the same Alex. This Alex is older, her English accent has been a bit lebih Americanized.

"Hello?" She asks again.

"Alex?" I can hear my voice trembling.

"Liam?" Her voice is soft, quiet, and surprised. I hear a tiny yelp in the back ground. "Sorry Mace!" another beat of silence. "Liam is that you?"

"Yeah." I breath, and a smile takes over my face. I can barely see out of my eyes. It's that big. "It's me."

"Oh God." Her voice goes up an octave. "I thought..." She stops talking.

Please don't stop talking. "Thought what?"

"I thought anda forgot." She sniffs. "What, Lady?" She says under her breath.

I chuckle. "Listen, there is alot I need to say. Do anda have time?"

"Of course I have time." I can almost hear her nodding.

"Enough time to get me from the air port?" I'm holding my breath and my teeth together waiting for her answer.

"The airport? As in here? In New York?"

"Surprise." I laugh without emotion really.
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