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posted by KristenLoves1D
1. I hate it when someone insults my family. I honestly want to jalang, perempuan jalang slap them when they insult my family. It doesn't hurt that bad when they say those things to me but about my family? That just gets me extremely pissed.
2. When someone interrupts me. Again. That's extremely rude and I'll just interrupt anda back. atau maybe punch anda in the face. Whatever works best.
3. People. In general. I'm a girl, obviously, and I have moods where if anda talk to me, anda will get punched in the face, and I have those moods almost everyday.. Anyways, I'm not much of a people person and never will get people....
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posted by DiamondYJ
Skylar's POV:

I feel like a train hit me. My whole head is throbbing, I'm so cold, my wrist is killing me. There is a whole senarai of injuries that won't leave me alone. The pain is so overwhelming I might have to take pain meds. I flutter open my eyes and see Niall peering down at me. "Skylar." he whispers. I fly up and hug him tightly. "Niall James Horan.... I swear to God, if anda don't ask me out right now, I'm going to have a hati, tengah-tengah attack." He smiles softly at me and I stare at him. "I'm serious."
Niall shakes his head. "It's got to be perfect." he whispers. I bring my face closer to his. "Niall....
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posted by talia_bieber
Ok. Im not trying to offend anybody but the Taylor hates have gone too far. I mean that anda guys should stop hating Taylor Swift. Sure she dates alot of guys but what has she done to you. I bet she is a nice, sweet, loving young woman trying to find true love. So what if she writes a song about Harry no big deal. And some people will ship Haylor dont get all mad at them. Really anda guys just need to leave her alone. I am actually a Taylor pantas, swift peminat too and i bet some other directioners are too. If anda are i bet anda would feel the same way but the Taylor hates are soooo annoying. I have Friends at school who are directioners and everyday they would trash talk Taylor pantas, swift and i want to yell at them to stop sooo badly. So im asking very nicely to just keep the hates down just a little.
posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
The week was up,And Drews flight would be leaving today to go over seas.That morning I spent with him,He cooked me breakfast and burnt it slightly but I didn't mind.Then we stop sejak my place to drop Abby off,Mrs.rose wasn't so happy about the dog.Drew berkata bye to my brothers,Robby cried since he admired Drew very much.
We got in his truck and started driving to the airport.
My eyes had been watery the whole day,but tried not to cry although my teary eyes were flooded.I couldn't believe he was leaving,I knew it was only for a few months but it wouldnt be the same.
"I'm going to miss you,ya...
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posted by kat9722

modeling is what i do and in order for me to keep doing it i had to alih to london. bringing me to where i am right now.

"liam im here! im actually in london! this is so exciting ive never left america" i was talking liam over the phone telling him how exciting this was.

"yes is sure is something isnt it?" he laughed. "i need your adress so we can meet up atau something"

"yes we sure do. hei anda still coming to my Halloween party with your buds and your girly?" i asked looking at my surroundings waiting for my ride,

"wouldnt miss a rose petal party for the world" i laughed.

"okay dont...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
Drew and I stood on the front porch of Annas house.Everyone was suspose to come over to hang out,althrough we never told anna that.So it was a susprise.
"We thought we should spend some time together."I smiled sweetly at anna hoping for forgiveness that i hadnt called.
"Well anda could have called."
"Yea but I'm out of minit and Drew broke his Phone."I smirked as she walked in.
"Dad!Drew and Amber are here!!"she yelled to lazy to walk upstairs and tell him.
"I'm gonna kill him!!"courtney yelled eruptively as she ran down stairs,refering to annas and drews break up.She grabbed him...
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posted by _PRETTYQUEEN1E
Don't anda just Cinta funny 1D pics? Well I know that I do! They make me see lebih character in the boys. Every song that I hear of One Direction I go crazier and crazier. (For them)

I'm a loyal fan, but SOME people aren't. Most directioners like their faces. But anda cant call yourself a directioner if anda cant Cinta all of their traits and songs.

Some "claim to be directioners" don't even know what TORN is!

Don't anda Judy Cinta Harry's cupcake, kek cawan face though? Well if anda can answer this anda can HAVE it!!

When is Zaun's birthdate? ?
posted by Snoopy_Sophie
So first of all, I just wanna say that this ISN’T mine. I found this on the internet and it just simply made my eyes full tears, and I could hardly keep back my tears hours later. And I can’t not think about it, that’s the reason why I spent my time to type this for anda guys coz I first had to read on a picture and it was so hard to do so.. I hope it’s worth it, and anda guys will feel it.

“Someday, One Direction are going to come to an end. And someday, when I’ll have children and grandchildren, my grandchildren will read the news and they will say “Granny, (One of the boy died),...
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posted by Irish-Snowflake
Full Name: Zain Javadd Malik
Nick Names: Dj Malik, Zaynster, Bradford Bad Boi
Date and Time Of Birth: January 12, 1993, 10:00 AM
Place Of Birth: West Lane, Baildon, Bradford, England.
Age: 20 (2013)
Hometown: Bradford, England
Blood Type: O
Favourite Movie: Freedom Writers
Favourite T.V Shows: Family Guy
Favourite Restaurant: Nandos
Favourite Colour: Red
Fear: Heights
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Drink: Red lembu, lembu jantan (yeah buddy)
Pet: Dog named Boris & Kucing called Rolo and Tom
Shoe Size: 8 1/2
Fun Facts: He is known for stealing the boys clothes.

More Facts:
He says a bit romantic Really....
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posted by Irish-Snowflake
Full Name: Louis William Tomlinson
Nicknames: Lou, Boo menanggung, bear atau Tommo
Date And Time Of Birth: 24/12/1991 1:47pm
Place Of Birth: Doncaster Royal Infermary
Age: 21 (In 2012)
Hometown: Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Blood Type: B
Favourite Movie: Grease
Favourite T.V Shows: One pokok bukit And Skins
Favourite Restaurant: pizza Hut
Favourite Colour: Red
Fear: Growing Up
Favourite Food: pasta
Favourite Drink: Milkshake and Yorshire Tea
Pet: Dog Name Ted
Shoe size: 9-10
Turn-ons: Fake glasses, fake tans
Turn-offs: PDAs, tattoos, farting and Cher Lloyd
Fun Fact: He owns boxers with ‘lubbly jubbly’ written...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Louie's POV:
I woke up alone.I checked the clock to see it was only three a.m.
Startled sejak the absence of Amber,I sat up in bed.
Before my feet hit the floor,She walked in.
"Go back sleep,I'm coming laid down."
I rose my feet back on the katil and scooted over.
She laid down on the katil and laid seterusnya to me,she kissed me on the fore head then put her head down.
"Where'd did anda go?I was disappointed not to wake up seterusnya to you."
"I had went down stairs for a snack,but Niall was awake to.So we watched tv."she explained.
"Oh..okay."I berkata then wrapping my arm around her waist.
When she berkata she was with Niall...
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Ambers POV:
Shivering,I laid there seterusnya to Louie.I was very cold,even through i was wrapped in Louie's bare arms.The clock had just pasted midnight and I couldn't sleep.My sinuses were bothering me,I feared I was coming down with a cold.I was going to originally go utama but he wanted me stay,regretfully I did stay.
I sat up in katil and wiped my watery eyes inflicted sejak my allegries.
Suddenly,I felt a tickle in my nose and I sneezed loudly.
Louie rolled over as I thought I had awoken him,but he continued to snooze on.I got out of katil and went to the bathroom and flicked on the light.
I whiped my redden...
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posted by _PRETTYQUEEN1E
anda can tell that in One Direction's foto-foto they have a connection. Even though all five boys are different, with different styles- they still connect.
All five boys had a crush on a girl who was competing against them in the x-factor, she played an instrument. (Not many of those people win)
anda may question, "how do five boys that are totally different connect so good?" Well I know!
Harry, Louis, Nial, Liam, and Zayn all experienced the same things. They all tried so hard to become what they love. SINGERS.
I'm no expert, but I know a lot about them. Even though the boys all drive Zayn crazy... they are all silly. That's why we Cinta them, we are too.
anda can always see the confidence in the boys when they take pictures together, they feel the love.
posted by _PRETTYQUEEN1E
Don't anda just want to make everyone disappear so anda can be left with One Direction? Have anda ever wondered, "why am I so crazy about them!?!?" Well I know!
Many other famous people try SO hard for people to fall inlove with them- One direction doesn't.
One direction comes as they are. They come in their own styles- and they wish for us to be ourselves!
Here's how I became a HUGE directioner: I listened to their songs, I read buku about them, and an app I downloaded on my iphone5 was… a tarikh One Direction app. On the tarikh one direction app anda pick a member and anda start out as friends, in one hari anda become their girlfriend, and then couple, always (etc.)
I became obsessed because in that app- each member told me what they love, and all about them- so I fell back on my katil screaming I Cinta THEM.
All directioners are different- they are crazy, some are mature, wild, calm, loud, quiet, normal, stylish, black, white, etc.
Harry’s POV:
I had my breakfast soon and took Kevin with me. I entered the car and found Louis inside.
“What are anda doing here?” I berkata dragging him towards the porch.
“Won’t anda let me to see Mrs. Styles?” he replied.
I sighed and let him go off my hands and I drove the car to her clinic.
I parked the car in the parking area and Louis held Kevin with him.
Linsey’s POV:
I saw a car which I had never seen there before near my clinic and was taken aback seeing Harry and another guy with a pigeon.
I took off my kot and put it on my nurse, Ander.
I whispered my plan of making fun of the...
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It was soon night,the boys were in the other room playing video games..
''harry look me and BB are supost to be doing something tonight and I need anda to help me..''
Okay look last night I didnt answer my pjone to any of anda cause I was at alexi's house and she had her girls over but she and her hookers raped me last night..''
"oh thats why we heard a boyish moan"
"Yea but I didnt want it to happen I was actually on my way over here to make her feel good and I was finally gonna ask her out"
"dude what ya waiting for get in there"
"shes sleeping"
I hurried and put on my pj's and...
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Niall texted me the seterusnya mornig:
;Hey BB is it okay if and harry and I chill at your place tonight:
I just stared at the text with a confused look on my face, niall was lucky that me and him were close and me and harry worked things out,me and harry were up all night video chatting on oovoo after louis liam and zayn left the conversation, no one new were niall was last night,we all called his phone zayn got an answer but it quickly hung up after a boyish moan!made me wonder what was going on.
But like I was saying harry told me that I was just so beautiful and that he really dosent have friends...
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Officer Earl told the couple to step out of the car and raise their hands. When he saw them coming out, he saw his own daughter, Shania Walters, with her "safe" boyfriend, Niall.
"Shay, I told anda to stay away from that...... monster! "Dad, I am sorry I ignored anda and went to the party with Niall. But I must say it's my fault because I am such a slut. Me and Niall are a GREAT couple. I will tell anda why. Starting with the hari we met!" Shania Walters sobbed.
" Alright sweetie, but don't be long."
" Thanks. Narrator, GO!!!"
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Hello my name is Bryce,Bryce beckford but people call me BB for from Weastmeath Mullingar,Ireland.. Reminds anda of someone..Niall Horan,we have been Friends for 14 years now and still are and very close he finnaly let me meet his boys Harry ,Liam, louis, and Zayn they we are very nice but the strangest thing kept happening,harry and I kept looking at each other but I just didnt know what that could mean and he cant stop asking me questions, niall would stare at him while hes staring at me- the others notice too.. they have been hanging with me for 2 yeras now and harry has been doing the same thing over and over agian and niall kept noticing but he thought that harry was just being himself.2 mounths later harry and the boys asked me for my number, so we hurried up and exstanged numbers and they left that night.
I just felt like that harry was telling me something but I couldn't put my fingur on it..this was a very awkward introduction!.

So this is my first bromance story Hope anda like it :) I wrote this on Wattpad but I thought hei why not share it here? Haha if sejak any chance anda have a wattpad mind giving a follow? Im @MikaelaCox99

~Mikaela Xx


"Liam!" My mum yelled from downstairs.

I groaned "Im coming!" I yelled back and blinked away what little sleep that was left in my eyes. Today was another first hari of school. Why did it have to be today? We just moved to Bradford and school had started two weeks ago. So it was only my first day.

I rolled out of katil and yawned. "Ugh" I huffed and walked...
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