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June 21, 2012
11:36 am

        In the past week and a half I've gotten warmer to the idea of me liking One Direction lebih than Justin Bieber. It still hurts me to say it but I'm getting better. On the percent scale that says how much I like 1D and JB, it's 1D-65% and JB-35%. Slowly, hari sejak day, the 1D scale is going up and the JB scale is going down. I give it two days before the JB scale is at 10%. That's as low as its gonna get. It will never get to zero. I'll always have a place in my hati, tengah-tengah for JB. 

        "Get this queer off the front of your phone!" dad yelled from the living room....
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Zayn's POV

I gave a sigh of relief. I didn't get rejected like I feared I would. 
       "Ohhhh! She berkata she loved me and it's anda that's going out with her! I'm sorry to say it but I think you've got yourself a slut for a girlfriend," Niall berkata to me.
        "Ok first of all she's not my girlfriend yet. And saat of all she berkata she was just kidding. She was being funny," I replied.
        "Thats what they all say but they end up changing their minds and falling for me."
        "Oh yeah right," Louis berkata smacking Niall on the back of his head.
        "Well its 5:30 so...
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anda were in your hotel room but suddenly anda heard somebody knocking on your door ,so when anda went and open it anda found that it was your ex boyfriend so anda told him that it's over and asked him to get out but then he start attacking anda ,so anda tried to escape but anda couldn't then suddenly somebody came and rescued anda but unfortunately anda had fainted when wake up anda fond that it was zayn playing in your hair so anda asked him how did he come here?
so he told anda that the door was open ,then anda bintang talking and at the night he asked anda if he could sleep here in your room cos he is afraid...
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Gone are those fresh-faced teens off of The X Factor four years ago. Our boys are now men, and they reckon their fourth album should tunjuk it.

Chatting about what delights their new album has to offer, Niall Horan admitted that there may be a new sound coming their fans’ way: ‘I think it’s going to be a little bit lebih edgy. We feel like we’ve got some really good songs.’

Intriguing. And his band buddy added that they’ve taken this album (mostly) into their own hands.

‘We’ve all taken a hand in the Penulisan this time. We’ve literally written almost every song,’ Liam Payne told...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
I looked around,checking for the blonde boy. Harry followed me as he held onto my hand tightly. I shook my head as Little Lady sejak Ed Sheeran and Mikill Pane started playing from some girl's phone. It sort of explained my story besides the point that I'm still alive.
"Perrie??" I heard an Irish accent ask from the corner
I sped to where I clearly heard the accent,"Niall??"
Strong arms wrapped around me,engulfing me in a Horan hug,"Perrie,where the hell have anda been?!"
Harry coughed,"Niall.."
Niall released me,"I know anda guys are together. anda both were holding hands..."
I stared down at the floor,"Niall,who...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Skylar's POV:

I feel like a train hit me. My whole head is throbbing, I'm so cold, my wrist is killing me. There is a whole senarai of injuries that won't leave me alone. The pain is so overwhelming I might have to take pain meds. I flutter open my eyes and see Niall peering down at me. "Skylar." he whispers. I fly up and hug him tightly. "Niall James Horan.... I swear to God, if anda don't ask me out right now, I'm going to have a hati, tengah-tengah attack." He smiles softly at me and I stare at him. "I'm serious."
Niall shakes his head. "It's got to be perfect." he whispers. I bring my face closer to his. "Niall....
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Chapter 1- Raven's P.O.V.
Raven Baltimore sighed as she was standing in front of her new high school Derek Tioner High School in London, Engalnd. Sounds like directioner, Raven thought.
Raven was not from England atau Great Britian, she was from Jersey. Her life there was terrible. Being misunderstood, bullied and unloved. So that's why the raven haired with violet streaks girl accepted being a transfered student. But know she was having saat thoughts.
Raven gulped down her pride and went up the steps and opened the doors. Everyone stared up at her, and just stared. Raven gulped and put...
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Hello Directioners!

I have a new creation! It's a game! Based on One Direction!
The game will either be on a poll, atau sometimes a quiz. And the way anda play is:

I will have a question, for example: "Who in One Direction has the cutest laugh?" Then I will give anda choices, the number of choices will be 2-10 choices. seterusnya to the choice will be one reason as to why the choice would have the best laugh! Then anda vote like a normal poll! I HOPE anda ENJOY IT!!!!
They all reached Seema’s house. Louis pressed the calling loceng and Seema opened the door.
Seema: Glad to see anda presence here!
Her broad smile faded when she saw Niall holding Niome’s hand.
Seema hugged Jenny.
Seema: Nice to see anda here Jen! Come in guys…
Everyone went inside her house.
There was a very big party in her backyard. Her house was very big and there was a swimming pool. Some of them were swimming and enjoying and then came a big cake.
Seema cut the cake and others were very much glad about her birthday bash! There was a DJ there and she spoke in the mic that everyone can dance....
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Everyone went back to their rooms to find their swimming suits. Niome doesn’t have a swimming suit so she told Eleanor that she is not coming for swimming but instead doing her homework in her room. Eleanor accepted to this. Niome went o Niall’s room and asked him whether she can talk to him.
Niall: Yeah sure darling…
Niome: Umm…
Niall: come on speak out..
Niome: I just wanna ask anda that why did anda ---drink yesterday?
Niall: I drunk it---because I thought I was rejected sejak you…
Niome: It’s a request from me. Please never ever drink again for my sake..
Niall: I will try..
Niome: Thanks.....
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Please comment!(:

Me and the others where walking to the pantai to go swimming. When we got there I looked over and then was the girl I saw last night and her little girl, even though she looked like she was about twelve, she still was little to me.
"Harry... come here." I grabbed his hand and walked over to the girl.
"Hi Aria! Hi Harry!" Neely said.
"Hi Neely! I thought anda might won't to meet Harry!" She giggled.
"Hey..." Harry said
"Hi!" She said. Some called her name.
"Nice to meet you!" She berkata then ran off.
"Niall wait up!" Louis yelled running from the car carry like 50 floaties and a...
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Hey! It's me Deniesse [A/N: pronounced at Denise]. My mom and I are at the Los Angeles Airport. we'll be staying at London for good. My mom berkata this place have many bad memories. My mom and I never celebrate my birthday since I'm six because my dad died on a car accident on January 12, the hari of my sixth birthday.

At the airport on our way to the plane. I'm wearing this: link
This is my lovely mom, sejak the way: link. . I don't look like my mom because I inherited most of my father's looks. My hair is red because some juniors [school bully] dyed my hair when I was 12. My mom was shocked when...
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Anna's POV:
It took me a a few days to comprehend that Matthew is my step-brother and it took me a week to convince my dad to let Zayn spend the night over at my house.
The door loceng rang.I ran down stairs.
It was Drew and Amber.
"We thought we should spend some time together."
"Well anda could have called."
"Yea but I'm out of minit and Drew broke his Phone."she berkata as she walked in.
"Daddy!Drew and Amber are here!!"I yelled.
"I'm Gonna kill him!!"courtney yelled as she ran down stairs.
She grabbed him and pushed him down.She choke him.
"Choke hari hoe!"laughed amber.
Courtney let go.
"Im sorry...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Annas POV:
-Seconds after Niall ran off-
I felt as if I had died and I was in a living Hell.
Zayn went after him.
He was to late Niall was out of sight.
Zayn came back in the living room.
"Why?What happened up stairs?"I asked.
"Nothing,I asked him what's wrong and he ran off.Why would he do that?..I'm so Confused!I don't understand!"he yelled.
I began crying.
Liam hugged me.
"It'll be okay,Everythings gonna be fine."Liam consuled me.
The others walked in.
"What happen?We heard a door slam?"Harry worried.
"Wheres Niall?"Louie asked.
Amber seen me crying,She understood.
She came and say seterusnya to me and...
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posted by Eviem99
Watching the konsert from the wings Eleanor Calder felt an overwhelming sense of pride in boyfriend Louis Tomlinson.
She was joined sejak Louis's mother, his sisters and the families of band members with a few select friends.
Beaming upwards at her was Louis, they had been stealing quick glances throughout the performance but now it drew to a close he smiled at her with the twinkle in his eyes she adored. She smiled back, the biggest her face would allow.
The konsert ended with " Little Things" Eleanor's favourite.
minit before the end she was whisked off backstage to re-join Louis to beat...
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posted by cv2were
Sites to visit to know lebih about Niall:

1. []

2. []

3. []


*He is CUTE;))!

*He is an irish guy.

*Sometimes, he says swear words...quite a lot...!

*he wants to marry Katy perry (actually, it was just a joke, so don't get so serious :o! )

So Niall horan is a pretty nice guy and one of my Friends loves him (wink, wink)! I also like his singing, but actuallyy my most kegemaran one is (drumroll please!) HARRY STYLES!!!!! (Look at my ikon pic to catch a glimpse of the cutie:)!
posted by selenajr47
“Front pages all your pictures
They make anda look so small
How could someone not miss anda at all
I never would mistreat her
I’m not a criminal
I speak a different language
But I still hear your call
Let me be the one to
Light a api, kebakaran inside your life
anda can own me
anda don’t even know me
But I can feel anda crying

Let me be the one to
Lift your hati, tengah-tengah up and
Save your life
I don’t think anda even realize
Baby you’ll be saving mine

It’s only been four months but
You’ve fallen down so far
How could someone mislead anda at all
I wanna reach out for ya
I wanna break this wall
I speak a different language
But I still hear anda call.

We all need something
This can’t be over now
If I could hold her
I swear I’d never put anda down”
posted by DiamondYJ
Tori's POV:

I yawned and sat up in my bed. It was only 2 AM and I couldn't fall back asleep. I stood up and headed towards the kitchen. I figured a cup of teh would calm me down and make me tired.

The floor was cold under my feet. I kept the lights off in the kitchen. I didn't want to wake anyone up in case someone was sleeping in the livingroom. I opened the fridge, working sejak that light. I turned on the teh kettle.

A yawn turns me around. "Tori..what are anda doing up?" I blush. It's Niall. His hair is a mess and he's shirtless. Curse the fact that guy's morning voices are the sexiest. "I was...
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posted by onedloverlol
It hit me next.It wasn't the real Rosie atau the real Kate earlier it was, their vampire self's. I told the boys I had to go.I rushed to Sophies house. She knew what I was talking about now. We went to the grave yard and looked at Kate's grave. It was all intacked. There had to be something that caused this. I told her we need to dig up Rosie's grave I knew she wasn't in it. Everybody knew it.Atleast me and Sophie did. I had to tell Harry and the boys.But wait how did Kate and Harry become Vampires if they weren't dead atau have no sign of being dug up? I had to get to the boys flat.NOW!
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posted by DiamondYJ
Skylar's POV:

I look at myself in the mirror. My name is Sophie, I try to tell myself. I still look like the old Skylar West. I sigh. "Hey, you're beautiful no matter what your name is." I smile slightly. "Thanks Harry." I say, turning around to look at him. His brown eyes soften and he says, "Merry Christmas... Skylar." I blush and look away from him. "Harry..." I whisper, my voice cracking. "Yeah babe?"
How hard is it to tell someone you're in Cinta with their best friend?

I look up at him. "I-I-I I'm sorry... I..." Harry spreads his hands. "It's Niall isn't it, love?" I blink slowly. "He's...
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