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x-Yumi-x3 posted on Dec 10, 2013 at 01:58AM
Okay so this is were I? or you? We? post our One Direction rant about stuff, that's going on with 1D. Anyone can join, you can disagree with me, you may agree.
Lets talk about One Direction!!!

Lets talk 1D. lol
 Okay so this is were I? atau you? We? post our One Direction rant about stuff, that's going on with 1D.
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hampir setahun yang lalu x-Yumi-x3 said…
Now I'm going to be straight forward everything.
Let's start off with Harry Styles, now we all know he's 'going out' with Kendall. But do you actually believe it do you think its fake? Well I sure do, like really Harry dating a Kardashian that's one of the last people on Earth that I'd think he'd date. I mean he's better off dating Taylor and I hate her. I'm saying this because I think they're way to different. Even tho I don't know to much about Kendall...well I didn't know she excised before she was seen with harry. That's one reason why I think them two being together is fake, you guys know her mom she's pretty insane mostly when it comes to fame. I think she asked her daughter to date harry to get her to be seen and noticed. And what Harry got out of it was cover up that he's (are yo u ready??) Gay? Maybe? No? Yes?..yes?
Now lets not get angry or pissed off. Let me explain.
We all know that rumor has been going around for a long time, you know Larry? ( <3 <3 I'm such a fan! :D) At first Harry and Lu-Lu (Louis) thought it was pretty funny at first ,but as the time went on it wasn't so funny well at least Lu-Lu didn't think so. In which he call the whole ship 'bullshit'. Or was he told to say that after erasing the tweet the first time and reposing it. But you know why didn't harry comment on the whole Larry thing? I don't really think he cares if anymore think's he's gay, I don't think he wanta to get on that topic. ( I wouldn't either.) But why does everyone want to know his sexuality, what does that have to do with them and their life? Maybe it's just to prove to the Larry shippers that he's not gay.
Just to be honest I don't thing harry is gay but I think he's in love with Lu-Lu, and I think Lu-Lu is as well.
I know Lu-Lu is dating Eleanor so how can he be in love with Harry? In my opinion I think Lu-Lu also loves Eleanor but Harry just a bit more, but they can't be together because of who every they are run by. I don't think their company want's that to slip out of the closet. Maybe until they're not has famous ( The hell when that'll be.) The larry rumor has ruined many things, Lu-lu and Harry aren't together in public as much as they use too. They actually aren't really even close to each other anymore Harry's always with Niall and Lu-lu is a bit jelly about it. Well he gets jelly if anyone even touches Harry. And Harry is also the same at times.



If you press the arrow to the right you can see more jelly pictures of the boys.
But these three are my favorite.


Lu-lu's face. lol narry


Sassy hand slap.


Harry that the actual fuck are you doing liam, Louis I'd better move.

Now as of the Larry thing I'll end it here for now. Oh and I might as well add this.
I don't think any of the other boys are in fruity with each other but I'll talk about that later.
Why all the other ships like Narry Ziam and ect will never happen.
Oh and if you still don't believe me on Kendall that it's fake and harry is in love with louis Look at this.

(I'll paste the photo later, can't find where I put it.)

And will so some help tell me why harry took Kendall to a gay bar? And why is Harry always in there?
Now let me sum up this Kendall thing I like Kendall I don't hate her because she's with Harry if Harry is happy then I'm Happy I don't mind,( cause I'm a Nial girl.) Kendall is really pretty. And plus I don't know her enough to hate on her. They make a cute couple! ( but I still think it;s fake.)

Why don't we all just leave harry alone...?

Hope you enjoyed comment, and I might make this an article.
Oh and there much more I have to say but I got stuff to do.

 Now I'm going to be straight ke hadapan everything. Let's start off with Harry Styles, now we all know
x-Yumi-x3 commented…
But about the Larry thing how I feel is I think Harry and Louis are very close they do Cinta each other, but them actually dating and getting together will not happen. They'll leave their friendship as it is. And that's the way it should be. I don't know if Harry is gay I don't know if Louis is gay. If they say they aren't then they aren't and if they say they are then they are and we should leave it as that. What I wrote up there ^ is what the media fandom ( shippers) and a bit of what I think, thinks about Kendall and Larry. Okay! c: hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu x-Yumi-x3 said…
I find a lack of intelligence in the 1D fan-base. It's ALWAYS OmIGe give me Harrys PhONe # pLZZ!!!! Who is cuter? Niall is Mine!!!!BiTXXchhH zIALM forever. Who would you rather Fuck/Marry/Kiss/Date?Like no one on this site has their phone number and if they did would they really tell you guys? No one smart would do that. Oh and NO ONE from 1D is on Fanpop, Fanpop is not popular enough yet. And I really don't think they have time. Like can you guys actually talk more about them other than their looks, or you trying to date or touch them? Smh The main reasons why I don't call myself a 'director'. I love the boys 5x more than their looks and fame.