One Direction Which qualities do anda like the most in each member (mention everybody please)

Kevin0983 posted on Apr 08, 2015 at 01:10AM

Harry: Honesty and openness, sparkly eyes, dimples, deep voice
Louis: Warm/cute smile, great sense of humor, bold and sassy
Niall: Nice / good natured, cute, friendly
Liam: Handsome, sensible, grounded

Zayn (if u wanna talk about him): Beautiful eyes, hot, great singer.

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hampir setahun yang lalu yellowiris11 said…
I loooove 1D !!

Will try to keep it simple

Harry - Hot, Classy
Louis - Funny, Gorgeous
Niall - Cute, Friendly
Liam - Sensible, Handsome
Zayn (yes, still) - Talented, Lovely

Kevin0983 commented…
Great !! hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu Iamawesome123 said…
This question is too hard!
Kevin0983 commented…
hehe .. it's a test of a true Directioner though hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu LibertysKidsFan said…
Zayn - He's still my #1 forever and always. It's hard to put into words. He's so sweet and silly and people always say he's "mysterious" but I don't see him as "mysterious". I see him as a person who takes a while to open up to people, but once he does, he loves you for life. And he's just so perfect, I love him.
Liam - People don't give him enough credit/appreciation. He gives his 100% to every show, always tries to cheer the fans up/let them know they're loved, and never wants anybody to be sad. Not to mention talented.
Niall - He's just so cute and nice and loves everyone.
Harry - His charm.
Louis - His humor.
hampir setahun yang lalu Kevin0983 said…
Good!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
hampir setahun yang lalu halosunshine said…
They are a bunch of dorky, funny, cute guys who make great music :D
That's what I like the most about all of them !! They should never ever break up.. ever.