ginasegall posted on Dec 02, 2015 at 09:12AM

I'm a 4th-year college student (at Columbia University in New York, NY, USA) writing an academic paper on One Direction and their fan base. I'm looking for any 1D fans willing to help me out with my paper by providing a little (anonymous!!!) information about themselves.

This may include:
- Your age
- Your ethnicity/geographical location
- The length of time you've been a fan
- How do your parents/friends feel about your love for the band?
- If you're into one of the boys in particular: have you felt the same way about a guy you know in "real" life before? If not, what feels different?
- What would you say is your favorite way to enjoy the band: simply listening to their music, watching their music videos, watching interviews with the guys, going to their concerts, talking about them with your friends, posting on this forum, etc?
- Can you describe what/how you're feeling when you're doing anything of the above?

Any other thoughts you have on what it's like to be a Directioner would be HUGELY appreciated!! Feel free to post here OR send me an e-mail, to gms2174@columbia (dot) edu.

Thank you guys so much in advance!!

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