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This One Direction foto contains pemain piano, accompanist, accompanyist, piano, and konsert. There might also be piano besar, grand, grand piano, pemain gitar, and guitarist.

In a new video, viewers get the behind-the-scenes look at what the One Direction boys do when they're not performing! anda already knew that Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan are super silly, but this video takes it to another level. In the video, anda can see the boys juggling, playing with their One Direction dolls, having Makanan fights, jumping on walls, and joking around at foto shoots! Of course, their playfulness is all in good fun, and the video also shows the boys Singing and meeting with fans. Can anda believe One Direction only got together two years ago? Niall tweeted yesterday, "Guys it's been two years today since we were formed, it's been incredible so far, it's all down to anda guys! Cinta anda all so much! Thank you." To see what everyday life is like for One Direction, check out the video on Fanpop atau YouTube! URL: link
Chap 15:

Part 1: Best mark.

Bella’s POV:

That hari was the hari I received my results for my exam. I felt so worried about it. I didn’t know if I had bad mark, how much I would cry. I hurriedly came to school and rushed to the notice board. When I saw my mard, I couldn’t believe in my eyes. I got the perfect mark: 100. Oh my god, I was so overjoyed that I couldn’t help smiling all the time. I immediately phoned Niall. I wen to the female toilet and shouted at the phone:
“Nialler! God! I have the highest mark. 100. 100. anda see? It’s 100!”

He laughed happily:
“Oh love, awesome. anda are...
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Part 2: makan malam, majlis makan malam in Bella’s house.

Niall’s POV:

I was so worried about coming to Bella’s house. I felt as if I were going to see my fiancee’s father. I was also a bit scared if I would do something that made her dad dissatisfied. It had been a long time since I last were such a serious tux. All were for the best impression. When he opened the door, I berkata like an jerk:
“Good evening, Mr Lockwood. Nice to meet you. I’m Niall. Niall Horan!”
The way he looked at me made my hati, tengah-tengah bump out of my chest. He looked very strict and irritated. I stuttered:
“Mr Lockwood, may…I…come…in…?”...
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Chap 9: Can I forget him?

Part 1: Memories.

Bella’s POV:

Then I was standing at the front of my door in a very bad mood.
“How dare Hannah break her promise? I will kill her immediately when I see her.” I hit the roof.
I was so sure that my dad would embarrass atau make fun of me in front of Niall. I just hoped that Niall would not think that all my families were idiots.
As soon as the door was opened, I heard my dad’s terrible voice:
“Oh my lovely honey! Are anda going with Niall?”
However his face fell when he saw me alone.
“Where is he?” He asked rudely.

I sulked:
“Daddy, it’s just...
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posted by sshannahmontana
Part 4

Holly's P.O.V

Damn it!Why didn't he knows that i like him so much.He's such a jerk.But i still Cinta him and i hope he likes me too.I'm a cool girl with baby blue eyes and long curly brunette hair color and i have a hati, tengah-tengah shape kalung which i wore it around my neck all the time.And i am thinking about Zayn even though i am still in my class.But suddenly the class teacher walked up to me and berkata "Holly!Holly!What are anda thinking about?"I answered back "Sorry teacher my mind was somewhere else."And i looked at Zayn who is the same class with me and he is smiling at me.So i smiled back...
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Niamhs P.O.V.
6:00 p.m.
The door banged shut.SHIT!!!!! our mum was utama she was going to embarass us.'you better go' i berkata to Niall.
'please go, our mum is home'
'oh ok'

Harry stood up and gave Sarah a little Ciuman on the cheek.And she gave a giggle.

Our mum walked in 'oh, hello boys!'
'they were just going mum'
'oh ok bye'

Me and Sarah went to my room
'what was that?' i berkata to her
'what was what?'
'Harry kissed you!'
'oh yeah, we're going out'

i sware im not told anything anymore

Sarahs P.O.V

Niamh fall asleep when we we're wacthing 'Run Fat oy Run' and Niall was asking me how he should ask her out. i berkata just randomly Ciuman and she would get it

tats all i have!
much luv
I needed to get out of this house. I called amy.
"Hello?" She answered, she had been crying.
"hey, anda fancy starbucks?"
"Louis took me to starbucks" She berkata before a long wail of crying
"look, its okay, another time"
"Nooo, i do want to go! I will come round to yours. anda need to fix me." She hung up
poor amy. poor Niall. Poor me.
I went downstairs to have some breakfast and saw a emas envelope sitting on the sideboard beside the door. i picked it ujp and saw that it was addressed to me. I picked up an orange from the meja, jadual and ran upstairs. I sat down on my katil and slowly opened it up. It was...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
I finally stopped when i saw the park again. Ya, i was going around in circles for the past hour! I saw people in there so i decided to go in thinking it was the lads from soccer. How WRONG i was! It was david. I tried to back out of the park.

I really wasn’t in the mood for him. In fact, im NEVER in the mood for him but today especially because im really down. “leah!” he called. Crap! It was too late. An arm came up and pulled me back. I tried to pull away, but his grip was too tight. “get off me!” i roared.

“why should i? There’s someone here to see you.” He chuckled evily....
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posted by johncenaw85oi
I rubbed my eyes. kates eyes widened. “come upstairs and tell me then.” She grabbed me sejak the ear and brought me up stairs. “now niall..... WHAT DID anda DO!” she was clearly angry. I let out a big sigh and explained everything. kate stared at me in disbelief.

“how could you? You’re such an idiot!” she screamed. Tears streamed down my face. I looked away from her. I lied down on my katil looking up at the ceiling. Then it hit me. “OH MY GOD!” i screamed.

“what now niall?” kate asked. “i know how this has all happened! Vicky mencuri my phone and then she got that david dude...
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One Direction hit the road together ahead of gig (but poor Niall's alone on a plane!)
X Factor boyband One Direction are performing for the first time since the final in Glasgow tonight. Eeeek!
Posted: Monday 27 Dec 2010

One Direction are reuniting tonight for their first gig since The X Factor 2010 final!
The One Direction boys may have spent Krismas apart but they are back together tonight for their first gig since the X Factor 2010 final!

The One Direction boys have been spending some much-needed time with their families since finishing third in the X Factor 2010 final two weeks ago.
But Harry,...
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posted by Mysticfallstown
Well in my opinion i think one direction should win the x factor. They remind me of jls because they are cute, talented, and a bunch of little stars. But they can't mess up any performance because this is probably their once in a life time chance. If they mess up their performance Simon won't have any acts left! I really want them to win. If they went out this week i would want Matt to win. My two Kegemaran out of one direction are Harry and Liam. Liam is a great singer and he is well better than katie, wagner and cher. Harry is also a good singer. I don't think Zain, Niall and Louis are as...
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