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 Zayn Malik, 2012
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Source: Zayn Malik, 2012
Zayn Malik, 2012
Zayn Malik
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This One Direction foto contains saman perniagaan, sut perniagaan, berpakaian seorang, guaman, seluar guaman, pantsuit, orang baik berpakaian sut, and penekan seluar. There might also be hip boot, thigh boot, guaman, saman pakaian, sut, and sut pakaian.

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posted by a11-swift
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u know that i luv one direction
cuz they r so damn osm
liam is our daddy directioner
Toy story is all abt he cares
and Zayn is breaking the tables
also collecting a no. Of mirrors
Louis is the funniest of all
playing wid kevin all hari long
Harry has curly hair
luving the way the Kucing stare
Niall is always eating food
and he's always in a gud mood
ELeanor,Percie and Danielle r their girlfrinds

they r five in the band
Simon cowell put them together
N Harry named the ONE DIRECTION
Niall is not ugly
Liam is not boring
so wat if Zayn is a Muslim!
Louis is not rude
Harry isn't proud...
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My name is Bella, I live in Denver, CO and Im 17. I like to play guitar,eat and most of all listen to my fave band [b]One Direction[b] :)

Today my dad is taking me to a Muzik store to buy me a new electric guitar. I'm so excited. We grab a couple of Kandi bars and hop into the car. I turn on my favr radio station 107.1 Hitz Now, and they were playing Best Song Ever sejak 1D. I turn it up and start Singing at the bahagian, atas of my lungs and dancing in my seat. My dad looks at me like I'm crazy. We drive into the parking lot for "6 Stringz". I get out of the car and race to the door.

We go inside anf its...
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posted by JB-lover999
It was Monday the 13th of July as jane woke to the alarm clock greated sejak the posters all over her dinding of 1D but little did she know to hari was the hari directioners would take over the world as she set of to school she pulled out her phone a the ring of it to inform her of a a tex message in was her friend Jill she had text jane to tell her that 1D haters had been arguing with the directioners in her school and jane ran but when she reached the red gates of the school before her stood a army of haters all the directioners were being round up and kicked out the school and the staff with there old mans jackets and ties where now helping the haters........ Part 2 coming to if u enjoyed that part 1 leave a komen and let me now what u thought
READ THIS FIRST : I just felt the need to write this as a way of release of my current feelings on 1D and the fandom. If anda don't care to hear my whole monologue on why i'm leaving, and all that stuff anda can just turn away now because i really don't need any rude komen-komen on this. I didn't do this for anyone except my own personal satisfaction of getting this of my chest before editing my accounting deleting some things and leaving the fanpage.

. I have been with one direction since the beginning through there auditions to bootcmp to the elimination to them becoming a huge success. I love...
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Alex's P.O.V

I woke up it was 2:27am. I saw Harry sleeping soundly beside me. I wounder what Jaylie was doing right now. Probebly sleeping but I don't know she was with Niall Horan. So there was no telling on the other hand I could hear Liam and Mira giggleing in the room seterusnya door. At least I could hear them Niall and Jaylie where all the way seterusnya door in his flat.Mira had convensed Liam to stay here. I on the other hand live here with her in my husband of almost a tahun Harry Styles with our daughter,Darcy.I made Harry let Mira live here with us untill her and Liam are afical that is,which...
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Niall: “You look so beautiful." anda heard someone say. anda turned around to see Niall standing at the door with his hands shoved deep in his pockets. “Niall! Get out this is bad luck!" anda screamed. “Nonsense! That stuff isn’t true." he berkata as he strutted towards you. “Besides, I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to sneak a peak." he berkata giving anda a wink and a Ciuman on the cheek.

Liam: “I think this is the one!" anda squealed as anda stepped out of the dressing room. Your mom and Friends all clapped and nodded with approval. As happy as anda were that they liked it, anda were more...
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 Zayn!! <3
Zayn!! <3
[Y/N] – Your name

As usual, anda won the Queen of the tahun at your school.

Everyone came towards anda asking “Hey Y/N, shall I drop anda home?”

But anda didn’t accept anyone’s proposals because anda knew very well that your boyfriend Zayn Malik is waiting for anda outside with his car.

As anda saw him outside anda flashed a very bright smile at him. He too smiled back.

You both knew very well that the reporters were very much interested in your relationship but anda wanted that to be maintained beneath the world.

You get in his car and he starts to examine your crown.

He hugged anda and berkata “I’m...
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They finally made it to the airport, everyone asleep but Louis.

"Damn i'm tired" Louis sighed.

"Then sleep on the plane" Liam yawned, shaking Nivi and Niall awake.

"I would, but i'm stuck with Zayn" Louis crossed his arms and stuck his tongue out.

"Child" Nivi said.

"Why, thank you" Louis smirked.

Nivi sighed and took Niall sejak the wrist and dragged him into the airport.

"Nivi, i have to tell anda something" Niall was going to propose to Nivi.

"I have something to tell anda as well" Nivi said. "You go first" Niall smiled.

"Well..i don't know how to say this but..Harry is a father" Nivi said.

"Really?! Who's...
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posted by compton51
anda had known one direction for a while and they invited anda to a meal. anda berkata yes while anda where sat down Harry was staring at anda with his sparkly green eyes ang georgeous smile anda smiled back. Then Harry texted anda to say ' toilets 15 mins' anda replied saying ok. Zayn whispered to anda saying get with haz he likes anda and I think anda would look good together. anda giggled and left to meet Harry in the toilets. He kissed you. anda kissed him back he pushed anda into the baby changing room with him and locked the door. anda started pasionatley kissing. Harry started to unzip your blue dress...
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posted by Snoopy_Sophie
So first of all, I just wanna say that this ISN’T mine. I found this on the internet and it just simply made my eyes full tears, and I could hardly keep back my tears hours later. And I can’t not think about it, that’s the reason why I spent my time to type this for anda guys coz I first had to read on a picture and it was so hard to do so.. I hope it’s worth it, and anda guys will feel it.

“Someday, One Direction are going to come to an end. And someday, when I’ll have children and grandchildren, my grandchildren will read the news and they will say “Granny, (One of the boy died),...
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